Easy Pom-Pom Sensory Bottle

Hand holding pom-pom sensory bottle.

You’ll need only a few dollar-store supplies to make this simple pom-pom sensory bottle that makes fun sounds when you shake it. This easy project only takes a few minutes …


How to Make Edible Water Beads

Hand holding colourful edible water beads.

Love the texture of water beads, but worried that your little one will try to put them in their mouth? These homemade water beads are fully edible and great for …


Edible Rainbow Marshmallow Slime

Hand holding up rainbow-coloured marshmallow slime.

It may be hard to believe, but this colorful marshmallow slime is made using nothing but edible ingredients! It’s super smooth, super stretchy—and lots of fun to play with. Plus, …


Jack-o’-Lantern Sensory Bottle

Orange glitter bottle with jack-o'-lantern face.

Looking for an easy way to entertain your kids and get them excited for Halloween? This super simple jack-o’-lantern sensory bottle only takes a few minutes to make, but it’s …


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