50+ Cutest Mother’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Nothing says “happy Mother’s Day” like a homemade card! Whether you’re searching for pop-up cards, handprint cards, colouring cards or anything in between, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for somewhere in this long list of kid-made Mother’s Day card ideas.

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Is there anything better than receiving a card that was made with love by your little ones?

Our five-year-old, in particular, loves to give people cards. She frequently brings them home from school for us, and because she likes to be prepared, she even likes to keep a few handy in case a relative’s birthday comes up and she suddenly has a need for one.

I’m honestly not sure where she got the idea from, but it’s pretty darn cute. And I’m definitely going to have to re-think where I store all the cards I’m given, because the drawer I’m currently using is nearly full.

Mother’s Day may still be several weeks away, but she’s already started working on cards for her grandmother and for me. And if since time has a way of flying by when you have kids at home, I thought I’d round up some of the cutest Mother’s Day cards that you can make with your children whenever you feel that the time has come in your home.

The list is pretty long, so whether your child is two, three, four, five or older, you’ll definitely find a project for them to try. And no matter which one you choose, I’m positive the recipient will be thrilled to receive a card that was handcrafted by their kids (or grandkids)!

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1. Hyacinth Flower Card

How gorgeous are these hyacinth cards with 3D flowers? You’ll only need a few simple supplies to make these colourful cards for Mother’s Day, and if ever you’re not feeling up to doing the drawing yourself, you can always grab the handy template that’s linked in the article!

Read the full tutorial: Hyacinth Flower Card

2. Pot of Tulips Card

Love flowers? It turns out hyacinths aren’t the only ones you can use to decorate Mother’s Day cards. I love how the pipe cleaners, stickers and paper tulips used in this project all come together to create a subtle 3D effect!

Read the full tutorial: Pot of Tulips Card

3. Printable Tulip Vase Card

Don’t have any fancy craft supplies in your cupboard? Stick to the basics with these cute tulip vase cards made using nothing but cardstock, scissors and glue. (You can let your kids use washable markers for a more personal touch!)

Read the full tutorial: Printable Tulip Vase Card

4. Mixed Media Heart Bouquet Card

If you like making crafts using cheap or recycled materials, these handmade mixed media heart bouquet cards may be for you! I love that the bouquets are wrapped with magazine or newspaper clippings.

Read the full tutorial: Mixed Media Heart Bouquet Card

5. Recycled Magazine Flower Card

And if you happen to have old magazines lying around anyway, why not give this project a try? Because the flowers are made from magazine clippings, each one is totally unique—and this also gives you the ability to choose any colour or pattern you like!

Read the full tutorial: Recycled Magazine Flower Card

6. Egg Carton Tea Cup Card

This card is probably my favourite out of the whole lot, and it just so happens that it also includes recycled materials. The use of egg cartons as teacups is so creative, and because you can fill the teacup with an actual teabag, this craft is like a card and a gift in one!

Read the full tutorial: Egg Carton Tea Cup Card

7. Bottle Stamped Flower Card

If you’re looking for fun new ways to repurpose your recyclables, try turning old plastic bottles into DIY flower stamps! This simple Mother’s Day card is perfect for both younger and older kids.

Read the full tutorial: Bottle Stamped Flower Card

8. Fresh Flower Petal Card

What child doesn’t love gathering flowers and leaves… and then using them to make crafts? Our kids are forever asking to bring pieces of our nature walks into the house, and this easy nature craft is a great way to use up those odds and ends. (It’s also a fantastic excuse to spend more time outdoors as a family!)

Read the full tutorial: Fresh Flower Petal Card

9. Pinecone Rose Card

Do everyone else’s kids collect pinecones, or just ours? If you have a bunch of pine cones gathering dust in your craft cupboard, turn them into roses and use them to say “happy Mother’s Day” to Mom or Grandma!

Read the full tutorial: Pinecone Rose Card

10. Recycled Bottle Cap Flower Card

Pinecones may not be available to you year round if you live in a Northern climate like we do. But no matter where you live, your recycling bin probably always contains some sort of plastic bottle cap that you can use to make this simple DIY flower card for Mother’s Day!

Read the full tutorial: Recycled Bottle Cap Flower Card

11. Rose-Filled Heart Card

Can you believe this gorgeous DIY Mother’s Day card was made using nothing but paper? The article includes a free template that will allow you to turn colourful craft paper into 3D roses—and they’re even easy enough for children to make!

Read the full tutorial: Rose-Filled Heart Card

12. Easy Pop-Up Card

If you’re looking for another way to make your homemade Mother’s Day card pop, this easy pop-up card may be the craft you’re looking for. It’s worth noting that while the picture shows the words “MOM” and “LOVE”, you can customize your card however you like!

Read the full tutorial: Easy Pop-Up Card

13. Heart Flower Pop-Up Card

Speaking of pop-up greeting cards, the petals of these cute pop-up flowers are actually made from small hearts arranged in the shape of a flower! (The article includes a free template for you to download and print at home.)

Read the full tutorial: Heart Flower Pop-Up Card

14. 3D Flower Pot Colouring Card

What if you don’t have hours to spend helping your child make an elaborate card? This free printable Mother’s Day colouring card is perfect for preschool, for school or simply for making at home on days where time is in short supply… and it also happens to be three-dimensional!

Get the printable: 3D Flower Pot Colouring Card

15. Pop-Up Bouquet Colouring Card

This printable colouring card is also three-dimensional, but instead of just one flower, it features an entire bouquet! This one is great for older kids who are capable of colouring more intricate designs.

Get the printable: Pop-Up Bouquet Colouring Card

16. Printable Flower Colouring Card

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit more basic to entertain your toddler or preschooler, this printable flower colouring card might be a better fit… though it does have some intricate details that would appeal to school-aged kids as well.

Get the printable: Printable Flower Colouring Card

17. Printable Heart Colouring Card

Some of the hearts in this card are more detailed than others, but your children can choose to make them as simple or as complex as they like depending on their age. My preschooler had so much fun colouring this Mother’s Day heart card that she decided to make one for her grandmother, too!

Get the printable: Printable Heart Colouring Card

18. Printable Colouring Cards for Grandma

And speaking of Grandma, if ever you’ve been looking for a card that’s made specially for her, the link below includes a variety of colour-in Mother’s Day cards that you can give to all the women in your child’s life who deserve that title!

Get the printables: Colouring Cards for Grandma

19. Printable Animal Colouring Cards

So many gorgeous cards for kids to print and colour! This set of colouring cards features woodland animals like cats, foxes, owls and rabbits. Aren’t they just adorable?

Get the printables: Printable Animal Colouring Cards

20. Heart & Flower Colouring Cards

Finally, this trio of Mother’s Day colouring cards decorated with hearts and flowers is intricate enough to keep the attention of older children, and it’s sure to be cherished for years to come!

Get the printables: Heart & Flower Colouring Cards

21. Pineapple & Sloth Cards

Colouring is a great way to keep kids busy, but what if you’re looking for a DIY Mother’s Day card idea that doesn’t require any drawing or colouring skills? This free printable Mother’s Day card template does all the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus solely on assembling the pieces!

Read the full tutorial: Pineapple & Sloth Cards

22. Handprint Mom Card

How cute are these handprint Mother’s Day cards with googly eyes and fabric flowers? To make this craft extra special, give the card the same hair colour as Mom!

Read the full tutorial: Handprint Mom Card

23. Flower Handprint Card

And if handprint crafts are your think, why not turn your child’s handprint into colourful flowers? I love seeing how small my children’s hands used to be and how much they’ve grown in such a short time, and I’m willing to bet the majority of mothers feel the same!

Read the full tutorial: Flower Handprint Card

24. Paper Flower Bouquet Card

This paper flower bouquet card combines flowers and hearts into one easy craft that’s perfect for older kids! It only requires a few simple supplies, and it’s a great excuse to make your little one practice their cutting and folding skills.

Plus, the template includes both US (“Mom”) and UK (“Mum”) spellings, so this card is appropriate no matter where you’re from!

Read the full tutorial: Paper Flower Bouquet Card

25. Paper Heart Card

And speaking of combining flowers and hearts into one craft, this paper heart card is perfect for older kids and teenagers, and it includes a free template that you can download and print out at home (or at school).

Read the full tutorial: Paper Heart Card

26. Coffee Filter Heart Card

Have you ever dyed coffee filters using washable markers? This fun process art activity is perfect for kids of all ages (including toddlers), and the colourful hearts make such a pretty homemade card for Mother’s Day!

Read the full tutorial: Coffee Filter Heart Card

27. Watercolour Resist Card

This project is so cute, and it’s also easy enough for toddlers to make. The pictures show flowers, but feel free to draw anything you like. Our kids love watching as the watercolour paint magically reveals the invisible designs on the card!

Read the full tutorial: Watercolour Resist Card

28. Watercolour Flower Garden Card

This project is better suited to older kids since it requires that they free-paint flowers using watercolour paint—though of course, you’re welcome to let younger kids have a go at it, too!

Read the full tutorial: Watercolour Flower Garden Card

29. Tie Dye Dress Card

Have you ever tried making “tie dyed” paper towel art with your kids? It’s fun, unique and easy enough for younger kids to do. If you have a toddler or preschooler at home, you’ll definitely want to give this tie-dyed dress craft a try!

Read the full tutorial: Tie Dye Dress Card

30. Pop-Up Dress Card

And if you love the idea of making a dress card for Mother’s Day, not only is this pop-up dress card with mini clothes pegs adorable, but folding the origami dress is great way to get your kids practice their precision and spacial visualization skills!

Read the full tutorial: Pop-Up Dress Card

31. 3D Flower Garden Card

As far as pop-up cards go, this paper flower garden is so cute, and it’s a great way to repurpose your child’s doodles in a way that says, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Read the full tutorial: 3D Flower Garden Card

32. Crumpled Paper Flower Card

This card isn’t a pop-up card, but it is three-dimensional. I love the combination of crumpled and flat tissue paper used to create the flowers and leaves, and the paper doily in the background adds a nice finishing touch.

Read the full tutorial: Crumpled Paper Flower Card

33. Sticky Heart Collage Card

Love crumpled tissue paper art? So do we. And while the process to make this card is a little different from the one we usually use, the result is very similar.

This project was originally created for Valentine’s Day, but it would also make a lovely Mother’s Day card!

Read the full tutorial: Sticky Heart Collage Card

34. Fingerprint Balloon Card

Sometimes, the simplest crafts are also the best. This adorable DIY Mother’s Day card features heart-shaped balloons made from your little one’s fingerprints, which Mom (or Grandma) is sure to cherish for years to come.

Read the full tutorial: Fingerprint Balloon Card

35. Stamp & Marker Card

And speaking of simple crafts, it doesn’t get much easier than this! Apart from cutting the word “MOM” using the provided free template, you won’t have much to do except let your child use their creativity to decorate the card however they see fit.

If you’re a teacher, this project is a good one to make at school so your students have something to bring home to their mothers!

Read the full tutorial: Stamp & Marker Card

36. LEGO Stamped Card

This LEGO-stamped Mother’s Day card is super simple to make and perfect for LEGO-loving children. Plus, it comes with a free printable template that includes a cute LEGO-related pun!

Read the full tutorial: LEGO Stamped Card

37. LEGO Printed Flower Card with Photo

You can also use LEGO bricks to stamp a pattern onto paper. Then, use scissors and glue to create this adorable Mother’s Day card that features a photo of your child at the centre of the flower!

Read the full tutorial: LEGO Printed Flower Card with Photo

38. “You Are My Sunshine” Noodle Card

I’d never thought to do this, but as it turns out, rotini pasta is actually the perfect shape to create rays of sunshine—which means you probably already have all the materials that you’ll need to make this card!

Read the full tutorial: “You Are My Sunshine” Noodle Card

39. “You Are My Sunshine” Handprint Card

And if you’re looking for another way to create rays of sunshine, this adorable handprint card is guaranteed to brighten up Mommy’s special day!

Read the full tutorial: “You Are My Sunshine” Handprint Card

40. “5 Things I Love About Mom” Card

This card is also a great way to make Mother’s Day special. After printing the template, ask you child to think of five things that they love about their mom, and have them write those things on each of the flowers (or write them yourself if your child is still too young). I would love to receive one of these!

Read the full tutorial: “5 Things I Love About Mom” Card

41. Flower Basket Paper Weaving Card

Why not use these card making ideas to help your child learn? This paper weaving card is not only pretty, but it will also help them develop their concentration, hand-eye coordination and sequencing skills.

Read the full tutorial: Flower Basket Paper Weaving Card

42. Q-Tip Flower Card

Want to help your little one practice their fine motor skills? This craft doesn’t just look nice—from crumpling pieces of tissue paper to painting dandelions using cotton swabs, this craft also features plenty of steps that will help strengthen your child’s hands and sharpen their precision skills.

Read the full tutorial: Q-Tip Flower Card

43. Button Rainbow Card

Button Rainbow for Card or DIY Gift

This craft is also a good one to give your kids if you want them to work on their precision skills—and it will also teach your toddler to recognize colours as they sort all the buttons to use in the rainbow!

Read the full tutorial: Button Rainbow Card

44. Button Heart & Flower Cards

2 Valentine's Day cards with button heart and button flowers

Since we’re on the topic of button crafts, aren’t these heart and flower button cards so cute?

The project was originally shared for Valentine’s Day, but it would also make a great kid-made Mother’s Day card. And since the button shapes have varying levels of complexity, you can choose whichever option is more developmentally appropriate for your child!

Read the full tutorial: Button Heart & Flower Cards

45. 3D Tissue Paper Flower Card

This card also features 3D flowers, but instead of making up the whole flower, the button is placed at the centre of several layers of tissue paper.

Provided an adult does the cutting, this card is simple enough for toddlers to make. And as a bonus, they’ll have to work on their measurement skills as they work to position smaller circles on top of larger ones!

Read the full tutorial: 3D Tissue Paper Flower Card

46. Cupcake Liner Birdhouse Card

How adorable is this birdhouse Mother’s Day card? Between the popsicle sticks used for the house and the cupcake liners used to create the birds and sun, this project features a variety of textures and materials that are sure to interest artistically-minded kids!

Read the full tutorial: Cupcake Liner Birdhouse Card

47. Cupcake Liner Turtle Card

As it turns out, birds aren’t the only thing you can make using cupcake liners. This adorable turtle-themed card features both cupcake liner turtles and a cute little Mother’s Day saying: “I Turtley Love You, Mom!”

Read the full tutorial: Cupcake Liner Turtle Card

48. Pop-Up Cupcake Card with Photo

Don’t have cupcake liners at home? Why not make a card that’s actually shaped like a cupcake. This adorable pop-up card is sure to give Mom a lovely surprise when she opens it up to find a picture of her little ones tucked inside!

Read the full tutorial: Pop-Up Cupcake Card with Photo

49. Scratch-Off Ladybug Card

Scratch Off Secret Messages with Coin

Speaking of surprises, there’s more to this ladybug card than it seems. One of its wings has a coin pouch, and the coin can be used to scratch off the dots from the ladybug’s body and reveal the secret messages hidden underneath!

Read the full tutorial: Scratch-Off Ladybug Card

50. “Hug from Mom” Card

Can’t see Mom in person on Mother’s Day? Mail her a hug! This card may look fancy, but thanks to the included template, it’s a lot easier than it seems. And who wouldn’t love to receive a hug in the mail?

Read the full tutorial: “Hug from Mom” Card

51. Heart Suncatcher Card

As for this project, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a craft that’s both a card and a gift in one. Not only does the heart make the card look cute and colourful, but it can be removed and placed in front of your windows to use as a suncatcher. What a sweet DIY gift for Mom, Auntie or Grandma!

Read the full tutorial: Heart Suncatcher Card

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