About The Craft-at-Home Family

Hi, I’m Sacha! I used to be a teacher, but these days you can usually find me at home taking care of my four kids, who were born in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020.

Staying home with four young kids can be hectic at times, but it’s also been a great opportunity for us to bond and try all sorts of fun activities together! I’ve always loved to craft and cook, and I love to share my ideas on this website so others can try them too!

What I Write About

If you’re looking for fun resources that can help you entertain your kids at home, you’ve come to the right place!

Here is the sort of content that you can expect to find on my website:

  • Crafts: We love to create beautiful crafts at home using a variety of artistic techniques and materials! Whether you’re looking for easy projects to do with your kids or more advanced projects to do on your own, there’s probably something for you on my blog!
  • Kids’ activities: Since our kids stopped going to daycare, we’ve had the chance to try all sorts of fun activities at home. I like to share the best ones on my blog so that your family can join in on the fun! We especially love activities that are inexpensive, taste-safe and/or sensory-based. And of course, we love making our own slime!
  • Free printables: I love creating fun printables and educational resources for my kids! If that’s not something you enjoy doing, or if you don’t have time to create your own, I’m happy to share mine! Subscribing to my newsletter will give you access to my free printables library as well as to exclusive content that may never be available on my site!
  • Recipes: In our house, almost everything gets cooked from scratch—partly because we enjoy cooking, and partly because my husband and kids all suffer from various food intolerances. We love to cook healthy, balanced meals that are free of lactose and other common allergens! (Bonus points if it can be made without meat, as I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of 14.)
  • Parenting tips: I would never claim to be a perfect parent, and like every other parent, I do have days where I feel overwhelmed. But as a teacher and mother of four, I have managed to pick up a few tricks that make parenting a little easier!
  • Money-saving tips: As a large family, we try to save money wherever we can. Thankfully, we’ve gotten quite good at it! Whether through waste reduction, DIY projects or sound financial planning, there’s always something you can do to stretch your dollar further!

I hope you enjoy the content on my site as much as I enjoy creating it!

About the Website

Not so long ago, our lives were extremely busy. I was in university completing my degree, and since my husband and I both worked, we struggled to find time to spend with our kids. We longed to have the time to relax and do activities together as a family, but it didn’t seem possible for us to slow down until my studies were over.

Fast-forward a few years and we’re still extremely busy, but we definitely get to see more of each other! I finished my degree in December of 2018, and since I happened to be pregnant with our third child at the time, my husband and I started to seriously contemplate the idea of having me stay home to raise our kids.

I was conflicted because loved working as a teacher, but I also wanted to be present for my family. So when my maternity leave started, we pulled our two eldest out of daycare to see what it would be like if all three kids stayed home with me.

Our test run was a success! The whole family felt happier and more relaxed, and we all relished the chance to spend more time together. And since I now had a little more free time, I became active on Pinterest and started looking for fun crafts and activities that I could do at home with my kids!

Then, right as my maternity leave was ending, I found out that the school where I was working was shutting down permanently. I was very sad to hear the news, but it made my decision a lot easier. I officially began staying home with our three kids and decided to start a blog to share all the fun activities we were doing at home with others who were in need of inspiration!

The website was originally called A Little Every Day, but I quickly realized how confusing that was, and I wanted to choose a name that would really help me connect with my readers. So in September of 2020, The Craft-at-Home Family was born!

About Me

For those of you who are curious, here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I’ve been married to my best friend since 2014
  • My husband and I share four daughters
  • We are a bilingual French-English household living in Quebec, Canada
  • I sometimes go by the name “Corinne”
  • In university, I studied Linguistics, Psychology and Classics (with a focus on ancient languages)
  • I am a hopeless perfectionist
  • I love alcohol inks and have an Etsy shop where I sell printable alcohol ink pieces and other artwork!
  • I always take on way too many projects at once

I’m also almost always the person behind the camera, so the only good picture I could find of myself was taken when I was 40 weeks pregnant with my third daughter!

Keep in Touch

I’d love to connect! If you’d like to reach out, feel free to do so through my Contact page or by emailing sacha@thecraftathomefamily.com.

You can also follow me on social media for more fun ideas:

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The Craft-at-Home Family