Easy DIY Butter Slime

Ball of twirled pink butter slime

Want to experiment with new slime textures? This easy DIY butter slime recipe is both non-sticky and super stretchy. Use Model Magic clay to create this unique slime that is …


DIY Crunchy Slime with Floam Beads

Hands squeezing a ball of crunchy slime with foam beads

Want to change up the texture of your slime? This DIY crunchy slime with foam beads is both simple to make and satisfying to play with! Find out how to …


Taste-Safe Chia Seed Slime

Hands holding oozing purple slime

Looking for an easy slime recipe to allow your toddler to join in on the fun? This taste-safe chia seed slime calls for just 3 edible ingredients! Homemade chia slime …


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