Free Printable Mother’s Day Handprint Art Template

Did you run out of time to make an elaborate Mother’s Day gift? Print out this free handprint art template and use it to make a lovely keepsake gift that Mom or Grandma is sure to cherish for years to come!

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Can you believe it’s already May?! It seems like just yesterday that we were thinking about DIY Christmas gifts, yet somehow it’s already time for DIY Mother’s Day gifts.

We’ve made some fun ones over the years, like this DIY Flower Picture Frame and this Mason Jar Candle Holder covered in cute thumbprint flowers. But if you’re short on time this year, or if you have young kids at home who turn every craft into chaos, you may be looking for something simpler.

If that’s the case, you’ll love this easy handprint gift idea.

Like some of the other handprint art ideas you may have come across, this art project is a great way to get your toddler or preschooler involved in gift making. But unlike those projects, this one won’t require you to spend a bunch of time making it pretty once your kids have done their part.

This easy hand painting craft is as simple as printing out a template and adding some paint. I hope it helps you and your kids make awesome homemade gifts to give to the deserving mothers in your lives!

About this Printable

When you download this printable, you’ll receive a one-page PDF decorated with a pink flower vase and the words “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Because the message is fairly generic and doesn’t specify a family relation, you can use it to create gifts for Mom, for Grandma, for Auntie or for anyone else you want this DIY Mother’s Day gift to be for.

Once you download the PDF to your computer, all you’ll need to do is print it on Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper and use it as a template to create your own Mother’s Day handprint art with your kids.

How to Download Your Free Mother’s Day Craft Template

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How to Make a Handprint Art Keepsake for Mother’s Day

1. Print on Paper or Cardstock

Once you’ve requested and downloaded the file, open it on your phone or computer and print it on Letter-sized paper or cardstock.

Cardstock is sturdier and won’t become wavy when paint is applied to it. That being said, if you’re planning on framing this gift before giving it to Mom (or Grandma), regular printer paper should work just fine.

When printing, either print the template at 100% scale or choose “Fit to Page” to keep the border intact and ensure it doesn’t get cut off.

2. Add Paint to Child’s Hand

Next, cover one of your child’s hands with washable kids’ paint. I used a paintbrush to spread the paint all over my almost-four-year-old’s left hand.

Feel free to choose whichever paint colour your child likes best. And if ever you have two kids and you want them both to be involved in creating this handprint keepsake, feel free to have them each create one of the handprint flowers.

You can even replace the handprints with baby footprints if your child is still very young and their hands are too small for the template!

3. Press Hand onto Paper

When your child’s hand is covered with paint, press it down onto the printed template in order to create an imprint on top of the vase, where one of the flowers should be.

Repeat this process a second time to create an additional handprint flower, adding a bit more paint to your child’s hand if needed.

4. Let Paint Dry

Remove your child’s hand and let the paint dry before moving on to the next step. If you wish, you can also add your child’s name, the year or a short poem in the blank space next to the flower bouquet.

5. Frame (Optional)

This step is optional, but I find that it gives this craft a more polished look. Simply grab a picture frame in whatever style you like and place your handprint art inside the frame.

We were able to find a 8.5 x 11-inch frame at Walmart (it was meant for framing diplomas), but if ever you can’t find the right size, you can always make this gift even more special by creating your own DIY picture frame using cardboard!

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