Free Printable Spring I Spy Game (+ Answer Key!)

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Looking for a fun spring-themed activity to keep your little ones entertained? This free printable spring I Spy sheet is easy, low-prep and perfect for kids of all ages! Grab the worksheet below and use the answer key to easily double-check your child’s answers.

The warmer weather is here, which means it’s time to ditch the winter gear and start spending more time in nature.

But on days when it’s too rainy to get outside, this spring I Spy sheet is the perfect activity to keep your kids entertained at home! It is free, super low-prep and appropriate for a variety of age groups.

Grab the download below and pull it out the next time your little ones are bored and looking for something to do!

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How to Use This Printable

To use this printable, print it out at home and encourage your child to count all of the matching items. Once they have found every instance of a particular image, they can write down the number of items they counted on the provided line.

This activity can be adapted for various age groups. Younger children can cross out each item as they count it to make it easier to keep track of which pictures they have already counted. As for older kids, to make this activity more challenging, encourage them to rely solely on their memory.

I have also provided an answer sheet to help your kiddos double-check whether they have counted the correct number of items without needing the help of an adult.

How to Print This Activity

After you have downloaded the PDF file to your computer, simply print it on Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper.

You can also print this activity on A4 paper, but you will need to adjust the “Scale to Fit” setting on your printer to ensure that none of the printable area is being cut off.

How to Make This Printable Reusable

If you’re looking to save paper, there are several ways to make this printable reusable:

Using one of these methods will not only make the printable be more durable, but it will allow your child to cross out the images and write down their answers using dry erase markers, then wipe the sheet clean and store it for future use.

Download Your Free I Spy Game

To download this spring-themed I Spy sheet, click the download link below the image (no email address required):

Spring I Spy printable.


Please note that this printable activity is for school and personal use only, and that the file cannot be redistributed. When sharing this printable, please link to this article rather than directly to the file. You can read our full printables terms of use here.

Who Is This Activity For?

This fun game is perfect for both younger and older kids. Younger kids can cross out the images as they count them, while older kids can challenge themselves to use their memory.

This printable is perfect for road trips (especially if laminated), quiet time, classroom parties, or simply as a rainy day activity when you’re looking for something quick and easy to entertain your kids!

Why Are I Spy Activities Beneficial for Kids?

I Spy printables aren’t just fun—they’re also a great way to help kids practice a variety of skills, including counting, working memory and visual discrimination skills.

Being able to recognize visual details in pictures will help kids discriminate between the different letters of the alphabet when they are learning read.

Can I Use This Printable in My Classroom?

Yes, you can! Classroom use is allowed for almost all of my free printables. Feel free to include this activity in your lesson plans if you’re looking for a fun spring activity that will help your students with their basic math skills.

Mockup of spring I Spy printable.

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