3 FREE Printable Easter I Spy Activity Sheets (+ Answer Key!)

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Do you enjoy search-and-find activity pages? If so, you’ll love this fun Easter I Spy set that is perfect for kids of all ages. Download each fun Easter activity page and use it to entertain your kids during Easter holiday!

Mockup of 3 Easter I Spy activity sheets.

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained over Easter weekend? If so, here’s something that will help.

This set of 3 Easter-themed I Spy games is perfect for both younger and older kids, and includes lots of Easter-themed images like Easter eggs, Easter baskets, baby chicks and spring flowers.

I have also included an answer key so that your kids can check their answers without any help. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to entertain your kids while you cook Easter dinner for the whole family, so I wanted to keep this activity as hands-off as possible for you.

Grab the free printables below and pull them out of the next time you’re in need of a fun activity for your kids!

How to Use This Printable

To use these Easter I Spy sheets, simply print them out on regular printer paper. Then, encourage your child to count how many duplicates of each item they can find, and to write down the answer on the provided lines. They can either rely on their memory or cross out each item as they count it.

When your child is done counting, double-check their answers against the answer key to see if they’re correct. Easy peasy!

How to Print These Easter Activity Sheets

After you download the PDF to your computer, print it on Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper and give it to your kids so they can practice finding and counting all of the different pictures included in this set.

You can also print out the pages on A4 paper, but since the file is in US Letter format, you’ll want to double-check your printer settings to ensure that nothing is being cut off. You can do this by adjusting the print size using the “Scale to Fit” setting.

How to Make This Printable Reusable

You are free to print out this activity as many times as you like once you have downloaded it, but if you are looking to save paper or printer ink, there are several methods you can use in order to make it reusable:

Once you have protected the game sheets using one of these methods, your children will be able to write their answers using dry erase markers and wipe them clean when they’re done.

This is also a great way to make the pages sturdy enough to take on road trips if you’re going over to a relative’s house for Easter dinner.

Download Your Free Easter I Spy Activity Pages

In order to download each PDF file to your phone or computer, click the link below each image. Make sure you grab the PDFs by clicking on the download links, as the preview images in the article aren’t print resolution.

Easy Easter I Spy game for kids.


Mockup of hard Easter I Spy puzzle and answer sheet for older kids and adults.


Easter Egg Hunt I Spy game for kids.


Please note that these printable worksheets are for school and personal use only and cannot be redistributed.

You are free to print them out as many times as you like for your own kids or students, but when sharing this printable with friends/colleagues or on social media, please link to this article rather than directly to the files. You can read our full printables terms of use here.

Who Is This Activity For?

In order to appeal to a wide variety of age groups, this set of printables includes several different levels of difficulty. Each Easter activity sheet poses a different challenge and will appeal to a slightly different audience.

Mockup of 3 Easter I Spy activity sheets.

If you have a toddler or preschooler at home, I recommended that you start with the easy I Spy sheet. It contains fewer images, and the images it does contain are larger in size, which makes it perfect for younger kids.

If you are printing this activity for elementary-aged kids, try offering them the full-page worksheet instead. It contains 32 different images and should keep them focused for longer periods of time.

Finally, if you’re looking for a fun Easter egg hunt alternative, the third worksheet contains nothing but Easter eggs in different colors, patterns and sizes. This one would make a great classroom activity since it doesn’t require any advance prep or physical hiding of chocolate eggs.

If you decide to do this, you can even have your students work in teams and turn it into a competition to see who can come up with the correct number of Easter eggs in the least amount of time. (Prizes optional!)

(But if you ARE planning on doing a physical Easter egg hunt, check out these 150+ non-candy Easter egg filler ideas.)

Why Are I Spy Activities Beneficial for Kids?

I Spy printables are a fun way for kids to build their working memory and enhance visual discrimination. Being able to recognize visual details in a picture will help them discriminate between the different letters of the alphabet when they are learning to read.

Can I Use This Printable in My Classroom?

Absolutely! I am always happy to fellow educators, and classroom use is both allowed and encouraged. This printable Easter game would be a great way to help your preschool students with their math skills.

Mockup of easy Easter I Spy puzzle for young kids.
Mockup of printable Easter egg hunt I Spy activity for kids.

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