3 FREE Printable Easter I Spy Activity Sheets

Love search and find activity pages? This fun Easter I Spy set includes an easy worksheet for preschool and kindergarten, a hard worksheet for older kids and adults, and a fun printable Easter egg hunt for kids of all ages!

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My five-year-old started kindergarten a few months ago and she could NOT be more thrilled.

In fact, when she found out that school was cancelled last Friday due to a snowstorm, she was full of disappointment. “Mommy, I want to go to school so I can learn things,” she said.

My reply, of course, was, “You can learn things at home too, sweetie.” And to show her I was serious, I immediately started looking for worksheets and activities that she could do at home to feel like she was learning the same things she did in school.

The first thing I gave her were some alphabet worksheets that she ended up loving. Then, we tried the Saint Patrick’s Day Colour-by-Number Sheets that I made last month for this site.

I also printed out some of the activities from my Spring Counting Bundle for her, since she loves counting and pretty much anything that involves rainbows and butterflies.

That got me wondering which other activities I could give her to help her practice her counting. And since Easter is coming up right around her birthday, I thought an Easter-themed search and find activity could be a fun way to do that.

So I decided to make her one, and of course, what was supposed to be a simple one-page I Spy game turned into three full worksheets of varying difficulties.

But that’s OK, because it just means that she’ll stay engaged for longer… and since I’ve decided to share the activity sheets with you, you’ll get to print them out for your little ones as well!

About this Printable

When you download this printable, you’ll receive a set of 3 Easter-themed I Spy games for younger and older kids. The 3 designs include:

  • 1 easy Easter I Spy activity sheet
  • 1 hard Easter I Spy activity sheet
  • 1 “Easter egg hunt” I Spy activity sheet

After you download the PDF to your computer, all you’ll need to do is print it on Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper and give it to your kids so they can practice finding and counting cute spring- and Easter-themed images. These images include: Easter bunnies, lambs, spring flowers, chicks, butterflies, carrots, Easter eggs and Easter egg baskets.

If your kids are still young, I recommend starting with the first worksheet (page 2). It contains fewer images, and the images it does contain are larger in size. This one is perfect for younger kids who are in preschool or kindergarten.

The second I Spy game is a full-page worksheet designed for older kids and adults (pages 3-4). It contains 32 different images and should keep your little one busy and focused for longer.

And finally, if you’re looking for a low-prep Easter egg hunt alternative to print out, the third worksheet (page 5) contains nothing but Easter eggs in different colours, patterns and sizes!

P.S. Are you a teacher? Feel free to use this printable in your classroom! I love helping out fellow educators. (You can read our full terms of use here.)

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