10 Awesome Edible Play Dough Recipes

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Do you have a young child at home who still tries to put everything in their mouth? These easy edible play dough recipes are made from food ingredients, and they are a great way to let babies and toddlers safely play and explore.

Looking for a homemade play dough recipe that is safe for younger kids? These recipes are all made using fully edible ingredients, which means that sneaking a bite is totally safe. They are a great way to introduce small children to play dough!

And not only is play dough fun, but it’s also a great way for kids to practice their fine motor skills, strengthen their hand muscles and develop their creativity. Give them a rolling pin and some cookie cutters, and have fun seeing what they create!

Taste-Safe vs. Edible Activities

Taste-safe activities are made using non-toxic ingredients. They are safe for kids to explore and even taste, but they are not meant to be consumed in large amounts. They include recipes like this Jell-O play dough, this chocolate play dough, this cinnamon-vanilla play dough, this dandelion play dough or this rose petal play dough.

Tip: Recipes that contain raw flour are not taste-safe because they can contain foodborne illnesses. To make raw flour safe to eat, you’ll need to heat-treat the flour to kill any lingering bacteria.

Edible activities are made from food-grade ingredients and are totally safe for kids to eat. The recipes in this article are all edible.

Important: While these activities are safe to eat, you should never encourage your children to eat sensory materials as a snack—the point is simply to allow them to safely explore, especially if they are very young and don’t understand that some things aren’t safe to eat.

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Storage Tips

Play dough made using edible ingredients will go bad a lot faster than traditional salt-based play dough, and generally doesn’t keep for more than a 3-5 days.

To make it last as long as possible, store it in an airtight container in the fridge when not in use, and bring it back to room temperature before play. If you notice any signs of spoilage, like mold or a bad odor, discard it immediately and do not let your child play with it.

Best Edible Play Dough Recipes

1. Baby Cereal Play Dough

Box of baby rice cereal next to three balls of play dough.

This recipe is my top pick. It feels very similar to salt-based play dough, but it’s made entirely from edible ingredients. It is both a fun activity for young children and a great way to use up that box of stale baby cereal that’s been cluttering up your pantry!

Read the full tutorial: Baby Cereal & Applesauce Play Dough

2. Marshmallow Play Dough

Stack of 4 balls of play dough surrounded by marshmallows.

This edible marshmallow play dough is one of my kids’ favorites. It only requires 3 simple ingredients, and it has a fun texture that is a bit more elastic than regular play dough.

Read the full tutorial: Edible Marshmallow Play Dough

3. Pudding Play Dough

Hand squishing a ball of play dough next to pudding cup.

If you’re looking for a recipe that your child won’t actively want to eat, give this easy pudding play dough a try. It’s made from just 2 ingredients, and while those ingredients are 100% safe to eat, the dough doesn’t taste very good, which might deter kids from eating large quantities.

Read the full tutorial: 2-Ingredient Pudding Play Dough

4. Frosting Play Dough

Ball of white play dough with rainbow sprinkles, in front of a rolling pin.

This one is a classic for a reason! If you have a box of frosting leftover from your child’s birthday, use this recipe to turn it into something fun for them to do.

Read the full tutorial: Edible Frosting Play Dough

5. Chocolate Frosting Play Dough

Ball of brown play dough with chocolate sprinkles, in front of rolling pin.

This chocolate-scented dough is a fun twist on the previous recipe. It would work great for Valentine’s Day, but you can make it at any time of year. (Just be prepared for the fact that it smells delicious and your child may want to sneak a few bites!)

Read the full tutorial: Edible Chocolate Play Dough

6. Jell-O Play Dough

Hand holding a small ball of red play dough in front of Jell-O box.

Have some leftover boxes of Jell-O in your pantry? This easy no-cook recipe is the perfect way to use it up!

Read the full tutorial: No-Cook Jell-O Play Dough

7. Peanut Butter Play Dough

Ball of peanut butter play dough with the imprint of 3 fingers.

My kids love this one. It is soft and stretchy, and it only requires 3 ingredients to make. Plus, because there is no cooking involves, it comes to together in just a few minutes!

Read the full tutorial: 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Play Dough

8. Oatmeal Play Dough

Oatmeal play dough, flattened by a rolling pin and cut with a star-shaped cookie cutter.

This recipe is one of my new favorites. The oats give it a fun, stretchy texture, and because it doesn’t contain any icing sugar, your little ones shouldn’t actively want to eat it.

Read the full tutorial: Edible Oatmeal Play Dough

9. Peeps Play Dough

Balls of pink and yellow play dough surrounded by Easter marshmallow Peeps.

Turn your leftover marshmallow Peeps into a fun activity for your kids! This recipe only requires a few simple ingredients, and it is perfect for Easter.

Read the full tutorial: Easy Marshmallow Peeps Play Dough

10. Pumpkin Play Dough

Orange play dough flattened with rolling pin, with star-shaped hole from a cookie cutter.

Looking for a fun way to use up that leftover pumpkin purée? This simple fall-themed recipe can be made using canned or fresh purée, and it is a great way to allow little ones to safely explore.

Read the full tutorial: Edible Pumpkin Play Dough

If you’ve tried these Edible Play Dough Recipes or any other recipe on my website, please let me know how it went in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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