Free Printable Mother’s Day Fingerprint Gift Tag Template

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Make Mother’s Day extra special with this set of free printable Mother’s Day gift tag templates that you can decorate using your child’s fingerprints! Each gift tag features a cute Mother’s Day pun that is sure to make Mom smile.

6 Mother's Day gift tags with fingerprint designs.

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So you’ve created a DIY Mother’s Day gift that you’re sure Mom will love… What next?

Sure, you can just throw it in a gift bag and call it a day. But if you put all that effort into making the gift in the first place, why not go the extra mile?

As it so happens, these printable tags for Mother’s Day gifts are a great way to do that. They’re easy to download and print out, and once they’ve been decorated with your little one’s fingerprints, they’ll also look totally unique.

They also feature adorable Mother’s Day puns that are sure to bring a smile to Mom’s face.

So if you’re looking for an extra special way to say “Happy Mother’s Day”, these personalized gift tags would make a lovely addition to any kid-made gift you’re planning on making this year!

Don’t have time to decorate the gift tags?

Instead of using the template to make fingerprint art, get our pre-decorated gift tag set and print them out for immediate use!

About this Printable

The PDF download consists of 1 page containing 6 different gift tag designs. Each of the gift tag includes a Mother’s Day pun or saying for Mom to enjoy:

Mockup of free printable Mother's Day gift tag template.
  • “Thank you for BEE-ing my mom”
  • “You’re the BERRY best mom”
  • “I’m so LUCKY that you’re my mom”
  • “Mom, OLIVE you very much”
  • “You make my HEART flutter”
  • “I love you CHERRY much”

The file can be printed on US Letter-sized paper, but each gift tag measures 2″ x 3.25” once cut.

This printable is actually meant to be a template that you can use to create extra special Mother’s Day gift tags featuring your child’s fingerprints. But if you’re short on time or just looking for something that you can print out and use instantly, you can always get the pre-decorated version available in my Etsy shop!

How to Download Your Free Printable Gift Tags

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Required Materials

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make the most out of these cute printable gift tags for Mother’s Day:

Supplies to make fingerprint Mother's Day gift tags.
  • My free Mother’s Day gift tag template, which you can download using the form below (there’s another form at the bottom of the article if you’d rather keep reading)
  • White or beige cardstock
  • Washable kids’ paint or acrylic paint in yellow, red, green, pink and blue (if you’re only making one gift tag, you can skip the colors you don’t need)
  • Fine point or ultra fine point markers (permanent or regular)
  • Scissors
  • ¼-inch hole punch (this is the most common size available)

How to Use Your Printable Gift Tag Template (Step by Step)

1. Print Template

Start by downloading and printing the template on US Letter-sized cardstock. (My cardstock had a slight speckled look but yours doesn’t have to.)

2. Dip Finger in Paint

Pour a dot of paint onto a paint palette or ceramic plate and dip your child’s finger in it.

Child's thumb covered with yellow paint.

Then, press your child’s finger onto the cardstock to create a colorful fingerprint. Here is what you’ll need to do for each of the gift tags:

Mother's Day gift tag template with fingerprint designs.
  • “Thank you for BEE-ing my mom”: Use your child’s thumb to create one yellow horizontal thumbprint in the center of the gift tag
  • “You’re the BERRY best mom”: Use your child’s thumb to create one red vertical thumbprint in the center of the gift tag
  • “I’m so LUCKY that you’re my mom”: Use your child’s index finger to create four green fingerprints arranged in the shape of a four-leaf clover
  • “Mom, OLIVE you very much” – Use your child’s thumb to create two green vertical thumbprints in the center of the gift tag, then use their index finger to create a smaller red fingerprint at the top of each green thumbprint
  • “You make my HEART flutter”: Use your child’s thumb to create two pink thumbprints side-by-side in the upper half of the gift tag, then use their index finger to create two pink side-by-side fingerprints in the bottom half and two blue fingerprints in the center of the pink thumbprints
  • “I love you CHERRY much”: Use your child’s index finger to create two red fingerprints in the center of the gift tag

3. Let Paint Dry

Let the gift tags rest undisturbed until the paint is fully dry.

4. Add Details

Once the paint is dry, use a fine tip or ultra fine tip marker to add embellishments to the fingerprints that will make them look more like what they’re supposed to be representing.

I used a black marker to give a face, some stripes and a stinger to the bumblebee. Then, I used a blue marker to draw two small wings.

Yellow thumbprint bee with marker details.

For the strawberry, I used a green marker to add some leaves at the top. Then, I used a black marker to create small seeds all over the red thumbprint.

Red thumbprint strawberry with marker details.

As for the four-leaf clover, I used a green marker to add a stem at the bottom.

Green fingerprint 4-leaf clover with marker details.

I left the olives plain since the red fingerprints already gave them all the embellishment they needed.

Green and red fingerprint olives.

The butterfly got a body and some antennae drawn using a dark pink marker.

Pink and blue fingerprint butterfly with marker details.

And finally, I used a green marker to create cherry stems and leaves on top of the two red fingerprints.

Red thumbprint cherries with marker details.

5. Cut Gift Tags

When you’re done adding embellishments, use scissors to cut along the lines around each gift tag (or whichever one you’ve chosen to use).

Fingerprint gift tags laid out on white background.

6. Add Hole

Use a ¼-inch hole punch (this is the most common size so no need to look for anything fancy) to make a hole at the top of each gift tag.

A circle has been provided as a guide, but the circle is smaller than ¼ inch in diameter, so it shouldn’t be visible at all once it’s been removed with the hole punch.

Fingerprint gift tag with hole punch.

7. Attach to Gift

When you’re done making holes, the custom labels are ready to use!

Simply use string to attach a tag to any gift you’re planning on giving to Mom, Auntie or Grandma for Mother’s Day. (We love this DIY mason jar candle holder, and it matches perfectly with the gift tags because it includes little thumbprints as well!)

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