23 Adorable Easter Card Ideas for Kids

These creative Easter card ideas featuring bunnies, chicks, lambs and Easter eggs are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids. Whether you’re looking to create a handprint keepsake with your child or you need a printable card that kids can colour on their own, you’re sure to find something in this article!

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You’ve probably seen a lot of Easter crafts on social media lately. Whether you’re interested in dyeing Easter eggs, making paper Easter egg crafts or simply printing out Easter-themed activities to keep your kids occupied, there is no shortage of Easter ideas out there for you to choose from.

But one thing that I haven’t seen a lot of is Easter cards that kids can make. That’s why I decided to round up the cutest Easter card ideas for children so that you have plenty of fun and creative options to choose from!

These adorable Easter card crafts are appropriate for a variety of age groups, ranging from toddlers to preschoolers to older school aged kids. They also feature a variety of Easter-related imagery including bunnies, chicks, lambs and eggs.

So if you’re looking for simple handmade Easter cards ideas to make with your kids, you’re sure to find something here that will suit your needs!

1. Handprint Easter Lamb Card

How ADORABLE is this handprint lamb?! This card would make a great keepsake, and I love the 3D effect created by the cotton balls!

Read the full tutorial: Handprint Easter Lamb Card

2. Handprint Easter Cards

If you love creating handprint keepsakes, you’ll love this simple Easter card decorated with a handprint chick. It features cute fingerprint Easter eggs in the grass, and the tutorial also includes instructions on making a handprint Easter egg card. So cute!

Read the full tutorial: Handprint Easter Cards

3. Handprint Easter Egg Card

Speaking of handprints (and Easter eggs), instead of using them to decorate the card, why not use one to create the card? This lovely Easter egg card in the shape of a hand is decorated with colourful Easter eggs and a white flower.

Read the full tutorial: Handprint Easter Egg Card

4. Easter Basket Card

You can also place colourful Easter eggs inside a woven basket to create this cute Easter egg basket card with your kids. So simple, and it will even help your children practice their fine motor skills!

Read the full tutorial: Easter Basket Card

5. Paper Easter Egg Card

And if easy crafts are your thing, you’ll love this paper Easter egg card that requires only a few simple supplies to make. It even comes with a free template that you can download and print out at home to make it easier to craft!

Read the full tutorial: Paper Easter Egg Card

6. Corner Easter Bunny Card

Since we’re on the topic of using templates to make crafting simpler, this adorable bunny card also includes a free template, and all you’ll need to make it are paper, scissors and glue!

Read the full tutorial: Corner Easter Bunny Card

7. Easy Easter Bunny Card

These adorable Easter bunny card are both super cute and super simple to make—and they come with a printable template as well. Don’t you just love the pom-pom nose and pipe cleaner whiskers?

Read the full tutorial: Easy Easter Bunny Card

8. Easter Bunny Butt Card

Speaking of free templates, this one will allow you to create adorable bunny butt cards with fuzzy pom-pom tails. Who knew there were so many templates you could use to create cards for Easter?

Read the full tutorial: Easter Bunny Butt Card

9. Pop-Up Easter Bunny Card

If you’re looking for more Easter bunny cuteness, this pop-up card of a bunny holding an Easter egg only calls for a few simple supplies like paper, scissors, markers and glue—and of course, it includes a free printable template that you can use to speed things up!

Read the full tutorial: Pop-Up Easter Bunny Card

10. Pop-Up Easter Bunny & Egg Card

And speaking of pop-up cards, this Easter bunny and egg card features lots of colourful Easter elements as well as multiple pop-up images that give it a truly three-dimensional look. I love how vibrant the colours are!

Read the full tutorial: Pop-Up Easter Bunny & Egg Card

11. Pop-Up Chick Card

These colourful pop-up Easter chicks are SO cute, and unlike some of the previous crafts, you won’t even need a template to make them. Don’t you love the added details on the envelope?

Read the full tutorial: Pop-Up Chick Card

12. Woven Egg & Chick Card

If you love crafts with chicks, you’ll love this printable Easter chick card with woven eggs. And as a bonus, paper weaving is a great way to help preschoolers practice their concentration and hand-eye coordination!

Read the full tutorial: Woven Egg & Chick Card

13. Hatching Chick Easter Egg Card

This hatching chick Easter egg card also includes a free template, and I just love the folded beak, silly eyes and feathered wings. Plus, the materials required are super simple and you probably already have everything you need at home!

Read the full tutorial: Hatching Chick Easter Egg Card

14. Origami Bunny Card with Cute Puns

Has your child ever tried origami? Paper folding a great way to practice precision and spacial visualization… and as it turns out, it also happens to make really cute bunnies! The article even includes several cute Easter puns like “Hoppy Easter” and “Some BUNNY loves you!” that you can use to make these cards more fun.

Read the full tutorial: Origami Bunny Card with Cute Puns

15. Carrot Nibbling Easter Bunny Card

These cute cards feature colourful Easter bunnies nibbling on carrots. Don’t you love the pom-pom nose and single folded ear?

Read the full tutorial: Carrot Nibbling Easter Bunny Card

16. Easter Bunny Carrot Card

Speaking of bunnies and carrots, these Easter carrot cards are TOO cute, and once again, they only require a few simple supplies. (Plus, this craft also comes with a free template to help you out!)

Read the full tutorial: Easter Bunny Carrot Card

17. Hand-Drawn Easter Colouring Cards

On the other hand, if you don’t have much time and you’re looking for an easy Easter card that you can let your kids make on their own while you’re busy with other things, these hand-drawn Easter colouring cards would make a cute alternative to crafts that require more grown-up involvement.

Read the full tutorial: Hand-Drawn Easter Colouring Cards

18. 3D Easter Bunny Colouring Cards

Or, if you’re looking for something a little fancier, these printable Easter cards can also be printed and coloured in at home, but they include 3 different image options that are all three-dimensional. So cool!

Read the full tutorial: 3D Easter Colouring Cards

19. Cotton Ball Easter Bunny Card

Turn your child’s picture into an adorable Easter bunny with this cotton ball Easter bunny project. How cute does that baby look surrounded by fuzzy cotton balls and rabbit ears?! This may be my favourite Easter card craft!

Read the full tutorial: Cotton Ball Easter Bunny Card

20. Pop-Up Easter Egg Card with Photo

And if you’re looking for a different way to personalize your Easter cards that includes your child’s picture, this pop-up Easter egg card is also a fun one you can try!

Read the full tutorial: Pop-Up Easter Egg Card with Photo

21. Peek-a-Boo Easter Card

You can also turn your little one into an adorable little Easter chick with this fun peek-a-boo Easter egg card made using craft foam and paper fasteners!

Read the full tutorial: Peek-a-Boo Easter Card

22. Footprint Bunny Card

Handprints and footprints are another fun way to personalize handmade cards while creating fun memories with your kids, and it doesn’t get much cuter than these adorable footprint bunny cards with pom-pom tails!

Read the full tutorial: Footprint Bunny Card

23. Thumbprint Easter Cards

Or, if you’re looking for something a little less messy, these thumbprint Easter cards are both versatile and super simple to make—and the printable card templates even include fun greetings like “Have an EGG-cellent Easter!” and “Happy Easter to Ewe”. Who knew you could make such adorable cards using thumbprints?

Read the full tutorial: Thumbprint Easter Cards

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