Bubble-Painted Valentine’s Day Card

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If you’ve never tried bubble painting, this cute homemade card is a great reason to try—and it also makes an original gift to give to family and friends! This fun process art activity is the perfect way to get your kids crafting for Valentine’s Day!

We first tried bubble painting a couple summers ago. We set up a little table outside, laid out some sheets of cardstock and used dollar-store bubble guns to create colorful patterns on the paper.

We enjoyed it so much that we now keep some tinted bubble liquid specifically for that purpose, and we take it out every now and again when we feel like doing something a little different with our artwork.

While we usually use it to create abstract art, I thought it would be an original way to decorate a homemade card for Valentine’s Day—and of course, my children agreed! After all, what kid doesn’t love to blow bubbles?

Required Materials

Here’s what you’ll need to make these pretty homemade bubble cards for Valentine’s Day:

Materials to create a bubble-painted Valentine's Day card.

How to Make a Bubble-Painted Heart Card (Step-by-Step)

1. Fold Paper

Start by folding both your cardstock and construction paper in half. The cardstock will be used to create the card while the paper will be used to create a heart-shaped template.

2. Create Heart Template

Using a pencil, draw half a heart along the folded side of the paper.

Half heart traced on folded construction paper.

Hold it up against the cardstock to make sure that the heart won’t be too big once the paper is unfolded, then cut along the line you traced.

Unfold the paper to reveal your heart template.

3. Add Color to Bubble Liquid

Add a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolor paint to the bubble liquid. If you wish to use several different colors like I did, place the bubble liquid in separate containers before adding the coloring.

I used pink, purple and a little bit of blue because I thought those colors would look great for Valentine’s Day, but you can use whichever colors you prefer.

4. Position Template

Position the heart template on top of the cardstock, then use an eraser to weigh it down and prevent it from moving.

Heart template on white cardstock.

Note: I used an eraser, but you’re obviously free to use any other small object that weighs enough to prevent the template from moving when you blow on it.

4. Blow Bubbles

Now comes the fun part—with the heart template weighed down, start blowing bubbles in the direction of the card!

Card painted with bubbles.

The template may curl up a bit as it gets wet from the bubble liquid, but that’s normal and not a big deal. Just make sure it’s weighed down enough that it doesn’t move around!

5. Remove Template

Once you’re happy with the way your card looks, remove the heart template and let the bubble liquid dry. Then, write whatever you want inside the card and gift it to your loved ones!

Heart template removed to reveal heart imprint.

Note: Since bubble liquid is wet, the card may curl up a little on the edges. If that happens, you can place it inside a heavy book to make it flat again. (But make sure it’s completely dry first so you don’t stain your book!)

We had lots of fun with this craft, and the end result is so pretty! But even if you don’t do this particular project, you should definitely try bubble painting with your kids!

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