Glittery Easter Eggs (with Free Printable!)

Published: April 4, 2020 · Updated: December 21, 2023 by Sacha

This super simple Easter-themed project is perfect for glitter lovers! Download our free Easter egg template to make things easier or have fun coming up with your own creative designs!

Pink cardstock Easter egg decorated with glitter.

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This simple Easter project requires very few materials and is perfect for people who love glitter!

To make it, you can use the form below to download my pre-made Easter egg template, or you can print out my blank template and use it to create your own design. Check out some the other fun Easter crafts you can make with my free templates!

Required Materials

Here’s what you’ll need to make this pretty, glittery Easter egg craft:

Supplies needed to make glittery cardstock Easter eggs.

How to Make Glittery Cardstock Easter Eggs (Step-by-Step)

1. Print & Cut Template

Start by printing the template on cardstock and cutting out the eggs.

2. Trace Lines with Glue

Use school glue to trace the black lines contained within the eggs. Or, if you’re using my blank Easter egg template, use the glue to create a fun design!

Tracing a design with liquid glue on a pink cardstock Easter egg.

Tip: You can use a pencil to draw an outline of your design before you trace it with glue. As long as the lines are fully covered with glue, the glitter should cover them completely once your project is done drying.

3. Add Glitter

While the glue is still wet, sprinkle on some fine glitter in whatever colour or combination of colours you choose.

Glitter sprinkled on top of the liquid glue decorations on a cardstock Easter egg.

Tip: I recommend placing your eggs onto a sheet of newspaper so you can easily get rid of the excess glitter without getting it all over your work surface. Glitter has a way of getting everywhere anyway, but at least this should minimize the mess!

4. Let Dry

Once the glue is dry, you’ll be left with pretty glittery eggs!

Paper Easter eggs with glittery decorations.

5. Add Gemstones (Optional)

If you wish, once the eggs are done drying, you can decorate them further by adding little gemstones or other items!

Glitter Easter egg with decorative gemstones.

And that’s it! This article was the last in a series of step-by-step Easter craft tutorials, so if you enjoyed it, make sure to check out the others as well! For your convenience, I’ve linked to them all below.

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