Cardboard Easter Egg Puzzles (with Free Printable!)

These colourful Easter egg puzzles are both durable and easy to make! Download our free Easter egg printable to make these simple mix-and-match puzzles for your kids, and have fun reusing them year after year!

Cardboard Easter Egg Puzzle Craft

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These cardboard Easter egg puzzles are so simple to make, and our kids love playing with them! They’re also quite durable, so you can easily keep them in storage and take them out each spring to get your kids excited about Easter!

You can make these puzzles using my free Easter egg printable and just a few simple materials. Grab the printable using the form below, and if you’re searching for more inspiration, check out the other fun Easter-themed projects you can make with it!

How to Make a Cardboard Easter Egg Puzzle

Required Materials

Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own Easter egg puzzle that can be reused year after year:

Note: It’s quite difficult to cut curved lines with a precision knife, so make sure the cardboard you use is thin enough to cut with scissors. The cardboard from an empty cereal box should be about the right thickness!

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Print Template

Start by printing the template on paper or cardstock. This project won’t work with the designs that contain circles, but it works great with the others.

2. Glue Eggs to Cardboard

Cut out the eggs and glue them onto the piece of cardboard.

3. Cut Along Black Lines

Cut along the printed lines using a pair of sharp scissors. Certain angles might be more difficult to cut, but as long as the cardboard is thin enough, you should be able to get through it all!

4. Play!

Once you’re done cutting along all the black lines, your puzzle is ready! Separate all the pieces and have your kids figure out how to put them back together.

The cardboard makes the puzzles fairly sturdy, so your kids should be able to enjoy playing with them for a long time!

You can make several puzzles using different colours, or you can make the same puzzle in more than one colour so your kids can see how the pieces mix and match!

For added fun, you could even print the template on plain white paper and have your kids colour it before you cut it up!

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