Glue and Chalk Pastel Easter Eggs (with Free Printable!)

These colourful chalk pastel Easter eggs are so gorgeous and so easy to make! Download our free Easter egg template to make this brightly-coloured Easter craft (and more) using only a few simple materials!

Glue and Chalk Pastel Easter Egg Craft

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Pastels are totally underrated. I love how softly and easily they blend!

They are probably my favourite artistic medium, yet I don’t see a lot of online tutorials that require them, which is such a shame. Colouring with pastels can get a little messy, so perhaps that puts people off? But I promise that if you can get past the mess, the result is so worth it!

This project isn’t as quick as some of my other ones, because it does involve waiting a few hours for the school glue to dry. But I still highly recommend it because it looks fantastic once it’s done!

Download my free Easter egg template below and be sure to check out the other fun projects you can make with it!

How to Make Glue and Chalk Pastel Easter Eggs

Required Materials

You only need four things to create your own glue and chalk pastel Easter eggs:

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Print Template

Start by printing the template on black construction paper.

Depending on the type of printer you use and the size of your construction paper, you might have to cut the paper down to size. I thought mine was Letter-sized, but it turned out to be a little bigger, so I used a paper trimmer to cut it to the right format. I love how quick and easy it is, and how clean the cuts are!

If you do use one, make sure not to let your kids anywhere near it while you’re using it, and store it out of reach when not in use.

2. Trace Lines with Glue

Next, trace all the black lines with white school glue.

3. Let Dry

Wait a few hours for it to dry completely. You’ll know it’s dry once the lines become transparent.

4. Add Colours

Once the glue is done drying, colour the inside of the patterns with chalk pastels and use your fingers to spread the pigment in between the lines of glue. You can even experiment with shading by blending two or more colours inside the same area of the egg!

Note: Because you’ll be using your fingers to spread the pigment, this part can get a bit messy, so if you absolutely can’t stand messes, this project might not be for you. Personally, I don’t mind projects that are a little messy, especially when the end result is so gorgeous!

And that’s it! Aren’t they just beautiful?

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