Starry Night Sensory Bottle

Starry Night Sensory Bottle with Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

This gorgeous starry night sensory bottle is made using small stars that glow in the dark when charged under a light source! It’s the perfect night-time calm-down bottle to help kids fall asleep, and the glow from the stars will fade on its own as they doze off!

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Chocolate Play Dough

Homemade Chocolate Play Dough Recipe

Making your own play dough at home is both easy and cost-effective! This DIY chocolate-scented play dough smells incredible, and because it’s made from common pantry ingredients, it’s perfectly safe for little ones who like to put everything in their mouths. Homemade play dough is way softer than the store-bought kind, and it lasts for months when properly stored. You’ll never want to buy play dough again!

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Crayon Resist Secret Letter Search

Crayon Resist Watercolour Letter Search

Looking for a fun, easy way to help your kids practice their letter recognition skills? You’ll only need a few basic materials to set up this cool activity that can be adapted in various ways depending on their age and abilities! Your little ones will love seeing hidden letters and shapes magically appear as they paint over them!

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