Free Printable Easter Pattern Worksheets (Peep Pattern Activity for Kids)

These free printable Easter pattern worksheets with adorable bunny Peeps are perfect for pre-k and kindergarten kids! Print out the worksheets at home and have your kids complete the existing patterns, or use the blank version of the worksheet to create brand-new patterns to fill in.

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Can you believe it’s already almost Easter again? This past year has flown by so fast!

It seems like just yesterday that I was sharing these Easter I Spy sheets with you—but as it’s actually been over a year, this seemed like the right time to share some NEW Easter-themed printables for you to use.

It’s a set of Easter bunny pattern worksheets that will allow your child to complete patterns, or even to create their own. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten!

This easy Easter pattern activity is a great way to keep kids busy while also helping them practice a valuable skill. Make sure you save this if you have a preschooler at home—or if you are a preschool teacher looking for Easter learning activities.

Download Your Free Easter Pattern Worksheets

These printable Easter worksheets are perfect for pre-K and kindergarten students, but they can also be used by toddlers and preschoolers (with a little help from an adult).

To download these free printable Easter-themed worksheets, click the download link below the image (no sign-up required):





The first 3 pages feature coloured Easter Peeps in pre-arranged patterns. The Peep at the end of each row is blank and is meant to be coloured in by your child in order to complete the pattern.

The last page of the PDF is a blank bunny template sheet that can be used to create custom patterns. You can either use it to create new patterns for your children to fill in, or you can let them practice creating patterns for themselves!

P.S. Are you a teacher? I love supporting fellow educators, so feel free to use these worksheets as Easter handouts for your classroom! (You can view our full terms of use here.)

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