Free Printable Easter Cards to Color (Perfect for Kids!)

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No time to make an Easter card this year? Download these free printable Easter coloring cards and let your kids use pencils, markers or crayons to color in the cards themselves. This set of free printables is perfect for kids of all ages who want to make their own cards for friends and relatives.

Does your child love coloring sheets? If so, they’ll love this set of happy Easter coloring cards with cute Easter designs.

This printable is perfect for any child who wants to color their own Easter card, and they are a great way to get younger kids doing Easter crafts without requiring any fancy supplies or a whole bunch of involvement from their parents.

Grab the printables straight from this post and offer them to your child the next time they’re looking for a fun activity to do!

(And if you’re looking for more free Easter printables, you may want to check out these Easter Pattern Worksheets and Easter I Spy Sheets as well.)

Vertical mockup of 3 Easter colouring cards.

How to Print These Cards

After you download the PDF files to your phone or computer, simply print them out on US Letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches) and hand them over to your child so they can color in the cards using crayons, markers or pencils.

Although these cards are designed to be printed on US Letter paper, you may be able to print them on A4 paper as well by adjusting your printer settings to make sure that none of the printable area is being cut off. (The setting should be called something like “Scale to Fit”, but the exact name varies from printer to printer.)

Just keep in mind that these cards have been designed to fit perfectly inside standard A7 envelopes, so adjusting the print scale may mean that the cards will no longer have the intended dimensions.

Download Your Free Printable Easter Cards

To download these printable cards, click the download link below the image (no sign-up required):

Easter colouring card with cute Easter chick and the words "Happy Easter".


Easter colouring card with an Easter basket, bunny ears and the words "Happy Easter".


Easter colouring card with cute Easter bunnies and chick, and the words "Happy Easter".


(Please note that these Easter cards are for school and personal use only and cannot be redistributed. When sharing this printable, please link to this article rather than directly to the files. You can read our full printables terms of use here.)

Who Is This Printable For?

These free coloring pages are perfect for both younger and older kids who are looking to do something special for their friends and relatives during the Easter season.

Can I Use This Printable in My Classroom?

Absolutely! I love supporting fellow educators. Feel free to print out these cards for your students and let them color in the different designs.

How to Use Your Color-In Easter Card

1. Print Card

Once you have downloaded the files, open them on your phone or computer and print one (or all) of them on Letter-sized paper or cardstock.

Mockup of cute Easter chick colouring card.

Note: While you can print these cards on regular printer paper, I recommend that you use cardstock. It is thicker than regular printer paper, which will prevent the ink from bleeding through if your child decides to color the card with markers. If you don’t have any cardstock on hand, try offering crayons or colored pencils instead.

2. Color Card

Color in the front of the card using crayons, pencils, markers or whatever else you have on hand. Feel free to get creative and use as many colors as you like. For added fun, you can even use metallic or glitter pens!

Printable Easter card halfway coloured in with coloured pencils.

3. Cut Out Card

Use scissors to cut along the lines. You can also use a paper trimmer if you happen to have one at home (I LOVE mine), but this is totally optional and scissors will work just fine.

Coloured in Easter card cut out with scissors.

Each foldable card measures a total of 10×7 inches, which makes it 5×7 inches when folded. This means that once the full-sized card is colored in and folded in half, it will fit perfectly inside a standard A7 envelope.

4. Fold Card

Carefully fold the card along the line in the middle.

Finished Easter colouring card folded in half along the middle.

If you prefer, you can also just cut out the half of the card that contains the happy Easter designs, and write a message on the back of the card rather than folding it.

5. Write Message

Once the colored in card has been folded in half, write a message on the inside of the card. Then, place it in an A7 envelope and it will be ready to deliver!

Mockup of cute Easter chick colouring card.
Mockup of cute Easter basket colouring card.
Mockup of cute Easter bunny colouring card.

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