Foldable Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards (Totally Free!)

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Looking for some cute Valentine’s Day cards to print and color? These free Valentine’s Day coloring cards are perfect for kids of all ages, and each of the 3 different designs is just as adorable as the next. Such a great way to give your homemade valentines a personal touch!

Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to think of the perfect design to create from scratch, make your life a little easier this year by printing out these free Valentine’s Day cards and coloring them in at home!

This cute digital download can be used by both younger and older children, and it is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own unique valentines, but who doesn’t feel creative enough to make them from scratch. And the best part? They’re totally free.

So grab the files below and give the finished cards to any friend, family member or special person whose presence in your life you want to celebrate! (And if you enjoy coloring, check out these free Heart Coloring Pages as well.)

Mockup of 3 Valentine's Day cards to colour.

Why You’ll Love This Printable

This fun Valentine craft is perfect for kids who don’t feel “crafty” enough to come up with their own card design, but who still wants to do something special for their friends on Valentine’s Day.

And because all they need to do is color in the designs, they will be able to complete this project completely on their own—which means that you, as a parent, won’t have to be heavily involved.

Printing out your own Valentine cards also means that you’ll need very few craft supplies, which makes this a great last-minute project for kids who wait until February 13th to start making valentines.

How to Print These Cards

After you download each PDF printable to your phone or computer, print the pages on US Letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches) and hand them over to your kids so they can color in the cards using their favorite crayons, markers or pencils.

Although these cards are designed to be printed on US Letter paper, you may be able to print these cards on A4 paper as well by adjusting the “Scale to Fit” setting to make sure that none of the printable area gets cut off during printing.

However, these cards have been designed to fit perfectly inside standard A7 envelopes when printed at 100% scale on US Letter. This means that if adjust the print scale in order to print them on a different paper format, the cards will no longer have the intended dimensions.

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Includes our 3 free Valentine cards as well as 9 MORE designs that your kids can hand out to all their classmates!

The full set includes foldable cards in both large and small formats (two per page) that can be placed inside standard A7 or A1 envelopes.

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Just want the freebie? Scroll down for the download links.

Download Your Free Valentine Coloring Cards

To download these Valentines Day coloring cards, simply click the download link below each image (no sign-up required):

Valentine's Day card with a hot air balloon and the words "Be my Valentine".


Valentine's Day card with hearts in a bottle and the letters "XOXO".


Valentine's Day card with a tree, floating hearts and the words "I Love You".


Please note that these coloring sheets are for personal use only and cannot be redistributed. When sharing this printable by email or on social media, please link to this article rather than directly to the files. You can read our full printables terms of use here.

Mockup of 3 Valentine's Day cards to colour.

Who Is This Printable For?

These cute Valentines are perfect for both little kids and big kids who want to give homemade Valentines to their friends, teachers, family members and other loved ones. They are a great to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to anyone who plays an important role in your child’s life.

How to Use Your Free Printable Valentine Cards

1. Print Cards

Once you have downloaded the printable cards, open the files on your phone or computer and print the templates on three separate sheets of US Letter-sized paper or cardstock (8.5 x 11 inches).

Mockup of 3 Valentine's Day cards to colour.

Note: While regular printer paper should work, I really recommend using cardstock because it’s a lot sturdier. It will also prevent the ink from bleeding through if your child decides to color in the cards with markers. If you don’t have any cardstock on hand, you will probably want to offer crayons or colored pencils instead to prevent the colors from bleeding through the paper.

2. Color Cards

Color in the black and white drawings using crayons, pencils, markers or whatever else you have on hand.

Partially coloured in card next to coloured pencils.

You can also experiment with using metallic markers or pencils, glitter gel pens or anything else you think would be fun—but I do recommend that you avoid using pastels and any of medium that is likely to smudge the inside of the envelope.

3. Cut Out Cards

Use scissors to cut along the lines. You can also use a paper trimmer if you happen to have one at home, but this is totally optional and scissors will work just fine.

Coloured in card next to scissors.

4. Fold Cards

When you’re done coloring in the designs, fold each coloring card along the line in the middle. Each card measures a total of 10×7 inches when laid flat, making them 5×7 inches in size once folded. This means that once these cards are colored in and folded in half, they’ll fit perfectly inside standard A7 envelopes.

Folded and finished Valentine's Day colouring card.

If you’re not looking to create foldable cards, feel free to simply cut out the half of the card with the design and write on the back instead—it’s totally up to you!

5. Write Message

Once your Valentine’s card has been folded in half, write a message on the inside. Then, place it inside an A7 envelope and wait until Valentine’s Day to gift them to school friends, teachers, Mom, Grandma, or anyone else you want to surprise on Valentine’s Day!

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