Free Shamrock & Four-Leaf Clover Templates (+ 11 Easy Craft Ideas!)

These free printable shamrock and four-leaf clover templates are perfect for making Saint Patrick’s Day crafts! Choose between large, medium, small and mini to suit any project—and if you’re out of inspiration, be sure to check out the ten craft ideas we’ve provided!

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It’s no secret that I love creating templates. (In fact, I share all my free templates and printables with my email subscribers via my free printables library!)

So with Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, I thought now would be the perfect time to create some fun shamrock and four-leaf clover templates. And because I know we’re not the only ones who will be doing some Saint Patrick’s Day crafting this month, I figured I’d make them available for download!

I’m also including some suggestions about what you can do with them to keep your little ones crafting all month long, so be sure to check those out if you’re looking for ideas!

About the Templates

In order to meet all your crafting needs, I’ve included multiple different formats for each shape! The file contains both shamrocks and four-leaf clovers in four different sizes: large (full page), medium, small and mini.

This should open up plenty of crafting possibilities for Saint Patrick’s Day and beyond! (And if you’re short on ideas, scroll down for some inspiration!)

How to Download the Templates

In order to download our shamrock and four-leaf clover templates to your phone or computer, simply enter your email address in the form below:

Within a few minutes, you’ll receive an email from us asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you do, you’ll be redirected to the template!

Craft & Activity Ideas

So you’ve downloaded the templates—what now? Scroll down for some fun ideas of what to do with them!

1. Colouring Pages

This one is pretty obvious, but these clover templates make excellent colouring pages for kids—especially the miniature-sized ones that contain lots of different shapes to fill in!

2. Clover Suncatcher

This simple craft is great for preschoolers! Start by using the template to cut a clover-shaped hole in the middle of a paper plate. (The medium-sized template worked perfectly for ours!)

Paint the plate with acrylic paint and wait for it to dry. Then, place some contact paper on the inside of the plate and cover the other side with small squares of tissue paper.

Once you’re done covering the contact paper, hang your suncatcher near a window and watch the sunlight shine through the tissue paper inside the clover-shaped hole!

Read the full tutorial: Four-Leaf Clover Suncatcher (with Free Template!)

3. Saint Patrick’s Day Garland

Using the small or miniature templates as a guide, cut a series of clovers from cardstock and pierce two small holes at the top. (I used a ⅛-inch hole punch.) Then, use some string or embroidery thread to weave them into a garland.

If you’d prefer to create a garland that can be reused year after year, you can even make your garland out of felt and weave the clovers together using thread and needle. (Click here to find out more about cutting felt from a template—the easy way!)

4. Saint Patrick’s Day Felt Board Set

…And if you’re going to use one of the templates on felt, why not set some aside for use on your child’s felt board? (If you’re not familiar with felt boards, click here to find out what they are and how to make them!)

5. Shamrock Lacing Card

Looking for ways to help children practice their fine motor skills?

Print the largest template on cardstock, cut around the clover shape and use a hole punch to make holes all around it. Then, hand your child a piece of yarn and a plastic needle, and allow them to practice their lacing skills.

(Just make sure your holes are big enough for the needle to pass through!)

6. Torn Paper Strip Clover

Place Saint Patrick's Day Artwork in Frame

This project is a great way to involve toddlers and preschoolers in your Saint Patrick’s Day crafting! What child wouldn’t love the chance to tear up construction paper and turn it into beautiful artwork?

Start by tearing up some construction paper and glueing it to a piece of cardstock. Then, use the large template to cut a clover-shaped hole in a second piece of cardstock, and glue it on top of the first one.

Place the finished product in a frame to display it on your walls!

Read the full tutorial: Framed Paper Strip Clover

7. Marbled Shaving Cream Art

Large shamrock with green marbled shaving cream swirls

Shaving cream marbling is such a fun process art activity for kids to do!

Simply fill the bottom of a baking sheet or casserole dish with shaving foam, sprinkle it with drops of liquid food colouring or liquid watercolour paint, and swirl the colours around with a toothpick.

Then, press the template down onto the shaving cream (I recommend printing it on thicker paper such as cardstock to prevent it from getting soggy) before immediately removing it and scraping off the shaving cream with a spatula.

You’ll be left with a beautiful swirling pattern on your shamrock or four-leaf clover!

Read the full tutorial: Marbled Shaving Cream Shamrocks

8. Puffy Paint Shamrock

And speaking of shaving cream, making your own puffy paint at home is both simple and fun! Simply mix equal parts shaving cream and white school glue, add some food colouring or liquid watercolours, and use it the same way you would regular paint for a cool, textured look!

9. Salt & Watercolour Painting

Salt and watercolour painting is another fun process activity that your kids are sure to love! Simply print the template on thick paper or cardstock, trace over the lines with school glue and cover up all the glue with regular table salt.

Then, dip a paintbrush in some liquid watercolour paint and watch as the colour magically spreads across the salt when it’s lightly tapped with the tip of the paintbrush!

10. Chalk Clover Outlines

This super simple project is great for younger kids!

Simply print and cut the template of your choice and lay it on top of a piece of black construction paper. Then, use regular sidewalk chalk or chalk pastels to draw all around the template.

Spread the chalk outward using your fingers or a tissue, and you’ll be left with a colourful outline once you remove the template!

11. Crumpled Tissue Paper Art

If you do have young kids at home, this one is another good one to try.

Simply print out the template on thick paper or cardstock, cut some green tissue paper into small squares and crumple them up with your hands. Then, squeeze some liquid school glue onto the template and press the balls of tissue paper onto it to create a three-dimensional shamrock.

So fun and easy—even toddlers can participate!

Read the full tutorial: Crumpled Tissue Paper Shamrock

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