5 FREE Printable St Patrick’s Day Colour-by-Numbers

Published: January 20, 2022 · Updated: February 29, 2024 by Sacha

Looking a low-prep St Patrick’s Day activity for your home or classroom? These free colour-by-number pages are a fun and easy way for kids to keep themselves entertained while they work on their math skills! This printable activity is perfect for kids of all ages, and it features lots of cute designs like leprechauns, pots of gold, a lucky horseshoe and some three- and four-leaf clovers.

Horizontal mockup of 5 St Patrick's Day colour-by-number worksheets with colours.

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There are lots of different ways to encourage kids to learn, but the best way is to provide them with hands-on activities that are actually FUN for them to do.

And if you’re looking for a low-prep way to do just that, these free St. Patrick’s Day colour-by-number sheets will help! They are appropriate for both young children and older kids, and they are a fun, hands-on way to practice number recognition.

So if your child enjoys colouring pages, make sure you grab the files below and save them to your computer! I like to keep a folder full of printable activities so we always have them whenever we need them.

Our kids thought this activity was so much fun, and I hope yours will, too!

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Vertical mockup of 5 St Patrick's Day colour-by-number worksheets with colours.

Why You’ll Love This Activity

Colour-by-number activities are a great way to help kids learn while keeping them engaged. They require children to focus on two different concepts at once (numbers and colours), while also exercising their concentration and coordination skills as they try to colour within the lines.

As a bonus, colour-by-numbers are also practical for parents and teachers. They can be printed out at any time with no advance prep required, and children can complete them independently without the help of an adult. (They can even double-check their own answers using the answer key provided below!)

How to Print These St Patrick’s Day Colour-by-Number Pages

After you download each PDF file to your computer, print the pages on US Letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches). You can print out as many copies as you need for your children or students.

Although the pages were created in US Letter format, you should also be able to print out the pages on A4 paper. If printing out this activity on A4 paper, make sure to double-check the “Scale to Fit” setting on your printer to ensure that the entire printable area fits within the page.

How to Make This Activity Reusable

To make these free St Patrick’s Day printables reusable, you can either:

If you do this, your child will be able to paint or colour in the pictures again and again, then wipe them clean and store them for future use. This is a great way to save money on printer ink and avoid wasting paper by printing the same activity over and over.

Download Your Free Colour-by-Number Worksheets

To download these free printable St Patrick’s Day colour-by-number sheets, click the download link below the image (no sign-up required).

Saint Patrick's Day colour-by-number sheet with a large pot of gold.


Saint Patrick's Day colour-by-number sheet with a horseshoe and 4-leaf clover.


Saint Patrick's Day colour-by-number sheet with a leprechaun face.


Saint Patrick's Day colour-by-number sheet with shamrocks and 4-leaf clovers.


Saint Patrick's Day colour-by-number sheet with a pot of gold and rainbow.


Answer key for 5 St Patrick's Day colour-by-number sheets.


(Please note that these worksheets are for personal and school use and cannot be redistributed. When sharing this printable, please link to this article rather than directly to the files. You can read our full printables terms of use here.)

Who Is This Activity For?

This activity is primarily aimed at children in preschool, kindergarten or 1st grade. You can also use it for 2nd grade math if ever you have students who need some extra practice before they move on to more complex colour-by-code pages.

When doing this activity with younger children who haven’t yet learned how to read, consider highlighting each colour name using a marker of the corresponding shade. That way, they will be able to tell which colour they should use without having to ask for help reading the words.

Can I Use This Printable in My Classroom?

Yes, you can! Because these activity sheets feature single-digit numbers rather than additions or subtractions, they would be great to use with your kindergarten students or in your 1st grade math class. Feel free to print them out and to use them as a fun way to help your students practice their number and colour recognition.

This would be a fun activity to assign to your students as independent work the next time you need to do corrections or plan out your next classroom activity! And if your students enjoy this activity, you can also try this Saint Patrick’s Day I Spy Game.

Vertical mockup of 5 St Patrick's Day colour-by-number worksheets without colours.

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