Free Printable Thanksgiving Tracing Worksheets for Preschool

These printable Thanksgiving tracing worksheets are a great way to help preschoolers practice their coordination and fine motor skills. Download this free printable activity to keep your little ones busy and learning!

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Ever since our five-year-old started kindergarten a couple months ago, she’s been obsessed with tracing sheets.

She’s always liked to draw, and school hasn’t changed that. In fact, her backpack invariably seems to be filled with new pictures and colouring pages that she worked on in class.

But perhaps because she’s been working so hard to improve her drawing accuracy, tracing sheets have suddenly become one of her favourite activities.

That means you can expect to see more of them on my site going forward… starting with this set of free preschool tracing pages to help your kids practice drawing (and writing) along the dotted lines!

Note: While the theme of this printable activity is Thanksgiving, the pictures are also appropriate for autumn. Thanksgiving has come and passed here in Canada and our kids still loved these worksheets and asked me to print more copies!

Download Your Free Thanksgiving Tracing Worksheets

In order to download these Thanksgiving-themed free word and picture tracing sheets, simply click the download link below each image (no sign-up required):





This set of four Thanksgiving tracing sheets is designed to be downloaded and printed at home to keep little ones busy. (School use is also allowed. You can read our full printables terms of use here.)

Each page of the Letter-sized PDF features both a fall- or Thanksgiving-themed vocabulary word and a corresponding picture for your child to trace. The images vary in complexity, so they can be appropriate for younger and older kids as well.

Tracing these words and pictures will help you child:

  • Practice fine motor skills
  • Improve coordination and drawing accuracy
  • Develop pre-writing skills
  • Trace and recognize letters
  • Learn themed vocabulary words

The worksheets are meant to be used by preschoolers, but as mentioned above, kids of other ages would probably enjoy them as well. For added fun, they can even colour in the pictures once they’re done tracing!

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