Free Printable Cutting & Tracing Practice Worksheets

Does your child need help learning to cut with scissors? These free cutting practice worksheets are perfect for preschool, pre-K and kindergarten students who want to perfect their scissor skills—and if you have a toddler at home, you can use them for tracing practice, too!

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Did you have homework to do when you were in kindergarten?

I don’t remember ever having any… or even learning much of anything. But my 5-year-old started kindergarten this year, and her teacher has been sending little assignments home every couple of weeks.

Among the things they’ve learned: how to recognize numbers, what sounds the letters of the alphabet make, what their home phone number is… and of course, some practical life skills like how to cut with scissors!

When it was time to practice their cutting skills, the kids came home with a small piece of paper featuring a few different shapes. But that wasn’t quite enough for my 5-year-old, who struggled with a few of the shapes.

So to make things easier for her, I decided to create some more worksheets that she could use to practice cutting lines and shapes.

(Please note that these worksheets are for personal and school use and cannot be redistributed. You can read our full printables terms of use here.)

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Is your child still struggling with cutting and tracing?

The full set includes 41 pages of lines and shapes that children can practice tracing and cutting in order to improve their fine motor skills.

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Just want the freebie? Scroll down for the download links.

Download Your Free Cutting Practice Worksheets

These simple PDF cutting practice sheets are perfect for preschool, pre-K and kindergarten. Simply print them out on Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper and give them to your kids so they can practice cutting with scissors.

And if ever your child is not quite at the cutting stage yet, you can always use this printable as a tracing worksheet, instead! Tracing is great for strengthening prewriting skills and will help your child with their handwriting once they learn to write.

Download each tracing and cutting worksheet by clicking the link below the corresponding image—no sign-up required:


The first page of the document is a line cutting worksheet featuring a variety of straight and curved lines for your child to cut.

This page is perfect for kids who need to practice cutting lines before they can move on to shapes, but it can also be used by toddlers who are learning to cut with plastic safety scissors.

If you are a teacher, feel free to cut in between the lines to create cutting practice strips for your students.


The second page features 8 different shapes of varying complexity that your preschooler can use to refine their cutting skills and make them more precise.

The shapes with more curves and angles tend to be more difficult for kids to cut, so you may want to start them off with a square or triangle if they’ve just graduated from lines.

What If Your Child Needs More Help?

If ever you use this free printable to help your child and they still need more shape cutting practice, you may want to check out this 41-page bundle from our shop!

Unlike the freebie in this article, this PDF cutting sheet bundle features shapes in a variety of different sizes. This means that your child can start out cutting larger shapes, then slowly increase their precision skills by cutting smaller shapes as their abilities and comfort level grow.

Our 5-year-old was having trouble with some of the shapes (particularly circles and stars) and she found it so much easier to have access to different sizes to practice with. Starting off with larger shapes and slowly reducing their made her feel a lot more confident in her abilities.

The full bundle is available in our shop, and if you enter the coupon code CUTANDTRACE at checkout, you’ll get 15% off the regular price!

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