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Use this printable summer handprint art template to create a cute homemade keepsake over summer break! You’ll only need a few minutes and a few simple supplies to make this fun summer craft with your kids, and it would make a perfect gift for family members.

Looking for a cute way to commemorate all the fun you had over the summer? This summer-themed handprint craft is the perfect way to do that. Simply grab the free template and add your child’s handprints to create an adorable ice cream cone keepsake.

Our kids love creating handprint art because it is fun and quick, and I love looking at past projects and seeing how much they’ve grown. Make this craft for yourself, as a gift for relatives, or in your daycare center to send home to parents.

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Why You’ll Love This Printable

  • Easy to make: Not only is this cute craft lots of fun to make, but handprint and footprint art are the literal definition of “print and go”—simply print out the template, add your child’s handprint and let the paint dry!
  • Suitable for different ages: I made sure to include enough room on the template for both big and little hands, which means you’ll be able to do this craft not only with younger kids, but with older kids as well.
  • Cute keepsake: This craft is a great way to remember how small and adorable your child’s hands used to be. You can even print out a new copy every year to create a visual timeline of how much they’ve grown! (Just make sure you write down the year on each one.)

If you love making handprint art with your child, check out this Free Mother’s Day Handprint Art Template, this Free Father’s Day Handprint Art Template or this 4th of July Handprint Art Template! I also have several templates available in my shop, like this Camping Handprint Art Template that is perfect for summer.

Required Materials

Materials needed to make summer handprint art.
  • Paper or cardstock: Cardstock is sturdier and won’t become wavy when paint is applied to it. But if you are planning on framing the finished handprint art, the frame will protect the paper, so either will do. I used white paper, but you can also use beige or even colored paper. (Just make sure the color isn’t so dark that it obscures the text.)
  • Paintbrush: Use a nice, thick paintbrush that will allow you to quickly cover your child’s whole hand before any of the paint has a chance to dry.
  • Paint: I prefer to use washable kids’ paint because it is non-toxic and easy to wash off my kids’ hands, but if you don’t have any, acrylic paint will work too. I opted for pink, beige (which I made by mixing white with a little bit of brown and yellow) and brown.
  • Frame: This is optional, but gives the craft a more polished look and makes it suitable for gifting. I have included more details on framing your finished artwork—including which frame sizes you can choose from—lower down in the article.

The full supply list and instructions can be found in the how-to card.

Download Your Free Handprint Art Template

Click the text link below the image to be redirected to the PDF file. (The preview image is not print resolution.)

Please note that this template is for school and personal use only and cannot be redistributed. When sharing this free printable, please link to this article rather than directly to the files. You can read our full printables terms of use here.

Printing Instructions

This file was designed to be printed on US Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper. If you wish to print it on A4 paper, you’ll need to adjust the “Scale to Fit” setting to ensure that none of the printable area is being cut off.

If at all possible, avoid reducing the print scale to ensure that there will still be sufficient room for your child’s handprint.

How to Use This Printable (Step-by-Step)

Child's hand covered with pink paint.

Step 1: Paint your child’s hand. Use a paintbrush to quickly cover your child’s entire left hand with paint. Both the palm and fingers should be covered.

Child's hand pressed down onto template.

Step 2: Press your child’s hand onto the paper. Turn the template upside down and gently press your child’s hand onto it. Remove their hand to reveal the imprint.

Tips for Making Perfect Handprints

To prevent smudges and create the nicest possible imprint of your child’s hand, add a generous amount of paint, ask them to spread out their fingers slightly, and quickly (but carefully) press their hand onto the template before the paint has a chance to dry.

Try to avoid moving their hand while it’s on the paper, but make sure you gently press down on it to ensure that every part of skin that is covered in paint comes into contact with the paper. Then, hold down the paper to keep it from moving and carefully lift off their hand to reveal the imprint.

Handprint art templates with one, two and three handprints.

Step 3: Finish and let the keepsake dry. If your child has small hands and you want to add several ice cream scoops, wash their hand and repeat the previous steps with several different colors. Lay the template flat to allow the paint to dry.

Framed summer-themed handprint art.

Step 4: Frame your artwork. If desired, write your child’s name or the year on the front or back of the paper. Then, place the artwork inside a frame, cutting off the edges of the paper if needed to make it fit. (Full details below.)

This project turned out so cute! I was able to make one scoop with my 3-year-old, two scoops with my 5-year-old and one scoop with my 8-year-old, so you have lots of options depending on the number of kids you have and their respective ages.

Framed summer-themed handprint art.

This project would be great to display alongside that baby footprint art you made when your little one was younger—especially any sun craft you may have made during summertime with a caption like, “You are my sunshine.”

Framing Your Artwork

The PDF file was designed to be printed on standard US Letter-sized paper, which measures 8.5 x 11 inches. If you wish to display it, you can use:

  • 8 x 10 inch frame: This is a standard size for frames, but is slightly smaller than US Letter paper, so you’ll need to cut off the edges of the paper to make it fit.
  • 8.5 x 11 inch frame: This size is not as common for frames, but if you manage to find it, you won’t need to cut the paper down to size.
  • A4 frame: This is a relatively uncommon frame size in North America, but it is a good option if you live in a country that uses ISO paper sizes and you have chosen to print this template on A4 paper.
Mockup of summer-themed handprint art with 3 handprints.

More Summer Activities for Kids

If you have tried this Summer Handprint Art or any other project on my website, please let me know how it went in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Framed summer-themed handprint art.

Summer Handprint Art

You’ll only need a few minutes and a few simple supplies to make this adorable keepsake using our printable summer handprint art template!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Drying Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Course Handprint Art
Cuisine American
Servings 1 keepsake


  • free handprint art template
  • 1 sheet paper or cardstock
  • 1 paintbrush
  • washable kids' paint assorted colors
  • frame optional


  • Use a paintbrush to quickly cover your child’s entire left hand with paint.
  • Turn the template upside down and gently press your child’s hand onto it. Remove their hand to reveal the imprint.
  • If you wish to create several ice cream scoops, wash your child's hand and repeat the previous steps with several different colors. Lay the template flat to let the paint dry.
  • Write your child's name and the year on the back of the template, then place it inside a frame to display.



1. Choosing your paper and print scale: The template was designed for US Letter paper. If printing on A4 paper, use the “Scale to Fit” setting to ensure that none of the printable area is being cut off, but try to reduce the print scale as little as possible to leave enough room for your child’s handprint.
2. Choosing your number of scoops: Younger kids with smaller hands can create more ice cream scoops, which older kids with larger hands should stick to 1 or 2.
3. Choosing your frame: You can display your handprint art in a 8 x 10-inch frame (common size) by cutting off the edges of the paper; in a 8.5 x 11-inch frame (less common size), which is the same size as US Letter paper; or in an A4 frame (uncommon size) if printing on A4 paper.
4. Tips for making perfect handprints:
  • Add a generous amount of paint: Add enough paint to create a full imprint of your child’s hand.
  • Keep fingers slightly spread out: Ask your child to spread out their fingers slightly in order to allow you to fully cover them with paint.
  • Quickly press down: Press your child’s hand to the template as soon as it’s covered in paint, to avoid giving the paint a chance to dry.
  • Don’t move: To create the nicest imprint, avoid moving your child’s hand while it’s on the paper.
  • Gently press down: Use your fingers to gently press down on your child’s hand and fingers to ensure every painted area comes into contact with the paper.
  • Hold down the paper: Keep the paper from moving while you carefully lift your child’s hand off the template.
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