Free “Hands Down Best Dad” Printable (Handprint Craft for Father’s Day)

Short on time? This DIY Father’s Day gift couldn’t be easier to make. All you’ll need to do is print out our free printable “Hands Down Best Dad” template and add your child’s handprints, and you’ll have an instant gift to give to Daddy on his special day!

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Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade gift from your little ones… but when you’re crafting with young kids, DIY gifts can be really time-consuming to make.

In fact, doing art projects with toddlers can often require more work from the adult than it does from the child. And if you have children at home, your time is probably in short supply.

But what if you could make a thoughtful, personalized gift for Daddy in under 5 minutes? Well, that’s exactly what this printable template is for!

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About this Printable

When you download this printable, you’ll receive a one-page PDF with the words “You are hands down the best dad” and some blank space in the middle for your child’s handprints.

Once you download the PDF to your computer, all you’ll need to do is print it on Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper and use it as a template to create your own “Hands Down Best Dad” art with your little one.

How to Download Your Free “Hands Down Best Dad” Template

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How to Make a DIY “Hands Down Best Dad” Gift for Father’s Day

1. Print on Paper or Cardstock

Once you’ve requested and downloaded the file, open it on your phone or computer and print it on Letter-sized paper or cardstock.

Cardstock is sturdier and won’t become wavy when paint is applied to it. That being said, if you’re planning on framing this gift before giving it to Dad, regular printer paper should work just fine.

2. Add Paint to Child’s Hands

Next, cover your child’s hands with washable kids’ paint. I used a paintbrush to spread the paint all over both of my six-year-old’s hands.

She chose pink, which is one of her favourite colours, but feel free to let your child use whichever colour they prefer—or even several.

After we were done making the handprints, it occurred to my daughter that we could have used rainbow colours, and I think that would have looked really cool had we thought of it earlier!

3. Press Hands onto Paper

When your child’s hands are covered with paint, turn the printed template upside down (so that the handprints are facing down when the template gets turned around) and press down their hands in the available space in the middle of the printout.

The younger the child, the more room there will be for them to spread out their fingers—I did this project with my six-year-old so she had to keep her fingers close together to accommodate for her larger hands.

4. Let Paint Dry

Remove your child’s hands and let the paint dry before moving on to the next step.

5. Frame (Optional)

This step is optional, but I find that it gives this craft a more polished look. Simply grab a picture frame in whatever style you like and place your handprint art inside the frame.

We were able to find a 8.5 x 11-inch frame at Walmart (it was meant for framing diplomas), but as far as frames go, US Letter is not a very common size.

So if ever you can’t find one, you can always just use an 8 x 10-inch frame instead and crop out the edges of the paper. The template includes enough white space around the borders that nothing important should be cut off.

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