All About My Daddy, Grandpa & Stepdad: Free Printable Father’s Day Questionnaires

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Looking for a cute last-minute Father’s Day activity to do with your kids? Download these free printable questionnaires to help your little one write “All About My Daddy”, “All About My Grandpa” or even “All About My Stepdad”. They make great personalized gifts and keepsakes!

Is Father’s Day less than two weeks away already?!

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the start of a new year—and now that year is almost halfway done!

But no matter how fast the year goes by, it’s always a good time to celebrate the great fathers in our lives! And because our eldest is starting kindergarten in the fall and has been practicing her writing skills, this cute little questionnaire seemed like the perfect way to do it.

I admit that we don’t keep every single drawing our kids make… mostly because with four kids at home, we don’t want to wind up needing a second house just for their artwork.

But we’ll definitely be keeping this one and looking back on it with a smile when our kids are older! (Along with these Father’s Day Handprint & Footprint Crafts that feature our little ones’ prints.)

Like this freebie? Get the whole bundle!

Includes all three Father’s Day questionnaires as well as 10 MORE questionnaires suitable for Mother’s Day and other occasions!

Just want the freebie? Scroll down for the download links.

Download Your Free Printable Questionnaires

If you’re looking for a last-minute activity to do with your kids for Father’s Day, this questionnaire is the perfect choice. It would also make a great personalized gift and keepsake for Dad to look back on!

To download these free Father’s Day printables, click the download link below each image (no sign-up required):

"All About My Daddy" questionnaire.


"All About My Grandpa" questionnaire.


"All About My Stepdad" questionnaire.


(Please note that these bookmarks are for personal or school use only and cannot be redistributed. You can read our full printables terms of use here.)

The printable comes in three versions: Daddy, Grandpa and Stepdad.

We’ll be filling out the “Daddy” and “Grandpa” versions with our kids, but I know that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that there are wonderful bonus dads our there who deserve to be celebrated too!

So when you request this printable, you’ll receive all three versions and you can simply use whichever ones are applicable to your family (blended or not)!

Mockup of 3 Father's Day questionnaires (for Daddy, Grandpa and Stepdad).

How to Use These Printable Questionnaires

Once you’ve requested and downloaded the file to your computer, print whichever pages you like on Letter-sized paper. Each design contains only a small amount of color because I know how expensive ink cartridges can be!

Mockup of "All About My Daddy" questionnaire with handwritten answers.

After you’ve printed the pages you want, help your child answer the questions—or, if they’re old enough to do so, let them fill out the sheets on their own. Don’t be surprised if you end up with some pretty strange and amusing answers!

When your child is done answering the questions, have them draw a portrait of Daddy (or Grandpa) and make sure they write their name and age at the bottom of the printable so you can look back on it fondly when they’re older!

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