Easy DIY Butter Slime

Ball of twirled pink butter slime.

Want to experiment with new slime textures? This easy DIY butter slime recipe is both non-sticky and super stretchy. Use Model Magic clay to create this unique slime that is …


Taste-Safe Chia Seed Slime

Hands holding oozing purple slime.

Looking for an easy slime recipe to allow your toddler to join in on the fun? This taste-safe chia seed slime calls for just 3 edible ingredients! Homemade chia slime …


How to Make Oobleck

Blue oobleck oozing through fingers.

Have you ever made oobleck? Prepping this awesome sensory activity couldn’t be easier, and because it’s taste-safe, it’s also suitable for babies and toddlers. Find out how to use household …


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