Free Printable “Dear Santa” Letter Template for Kids

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Does your child want to write a letter to Santa this year? Instead of trying to write a letter from scratch, make the process super simple with this printable “Dear Santa” letter template that you can download and print out at home!

Are you ready for Christmas? We put up our Christmas tree last night and the kids could barely contain their excitement!

Our eldest was in kindergarten last year and since she didn’t know how to write, she came up with her own version of a Santa letter that consisted of drawings of all the items on her wish list.

But now that’s she’s in first grade and learning to write, she wanted to do something a little more “grown up” this year. So a cute template that she could use to write her very own letter to Santa Claus seemed like the perfect thing!

There are so many things for parents to do around Christmas that the last thing anyone needs is to spend hours googling “Santa letter ideas” to figure out how to write the perfect letter to Santa.

So I decided to share the template here to make your life a little easier!

All your child will need to do is check off a checkbox and write a few lines of text before mailing the letter. Filling this out with my daughter took under 10 minutes, and it would have taken even less time she hadn’t needed help spelling certain words.

So if you’re looking for ways to save time during the holiday season, make sure to grab the template below and print it out for your child (or students) to use this Christmas!

Download Your Free Dear Santa Letter Paper

To use this template, simply print it on Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper and give it to your child so they can write a letter to Santa and mail it to the North Pole. (If you’re not sure how to do that, I’ve provided more details below.)

To download this free Father Christmas letter template, click the download link below the image (no sign-up required):

Dear Santa letter template for kids.


The PDF download consists of a single page of printable stationery containing everything you need to help your child write a letter to Santa Claus:

  • “Dear Santa” greeting
  • Blank fields for your child’s name and age
  • Naughty or nice checkboxes
  • Lines for writing a Christmas wish list
  • Line for your child’s signature at the bottom

And not only is this printable template super cute, but it’s also perfect for preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade kids who are still learning to write, since it only requires them to fill in the blanks!

How to Use Your Dear Santa Wish List Template

1. Print Template

Once you have downloaded your blank “letter to Santa” template, start by printing it out on US Letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches).

Most home printers aren’t capable of full-page printing, so you’ll probably notice a small white border around the edges.

The white border didn’t bother me personally, but if it bothers you, feel free to cut it off so that the colorful border of the template reaches all the way to the edge of the paper.

2. Write Christmas Wish List

Mother helping her child write a letter to Santa.

Grab the printed letter to Santa stationery and have your child write their name, age and Christmas list on the provided lines.

They’ll also need to check off one of the boxes to indicate whether they’ve been naughty, nice or a bit of both this year—use this as an opportunity to discuss their recent behaviors (both good and bad) in a meaningful way!

3. Mail Letter to Santa

Brown envelope addressed to Santa on Christmas-themed background.

When your child is done writing their letter to Santa, place it in an envelope and mail the letter to Santa!

The exact process to do this, including the address you should address the letter to and deadline to mail the letter if you wish to receive a response from Santa, will depend on where you live.

I’ve linked to some information for a few English-speaking countries below. But feel free to look up “how to send a letter to santa + [your country name]” on Google if your country isn’t listed!

I hope you have fun with the template, and here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas!

Mockup of "Dear Santa" letter template.

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