Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Looking for a fun activity that will encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors? This printable nature scavenger hunt is sure to be a hit, and it’s appropriate for a variety of age groups. (Plus, you can find most of the items in your own backyard!)

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I don’t know about you, but in my house, the kids tend to be much happier and better behaved when they’ve had the chance to spend some time outdoors.

Taking five young kids to the park isn’t always easy, so we’re thankful to have a backyard large enough to allow them to run around. We have a small trampoline in one corner of the yard, and my husband even built the kids a swing set a few years ago.

But often, the simplest things are the ones that keep their attention the longest. My five-year-old is perfectly content digging in the dirt and adding water to it in order to create mud. And all of our kids will spend hours looking for the tiny wild strawberries that grow in our lawn.

For that reason, I thought that doing a scavenger hunt in nature would be right up their alley!

This nature walk scavenger would make a great summer activity, but you can also print this out in spring or autumn. And if you decide to go on a nature walk to celebrate Earth Day, this DIY scavenger hunt contains lots of fun ideas that kids can search for while they’re spending time in nature!

About this Printable

When you download this printable, you’ll receive a one-page nature walk checklist that you can use the next time you go on a nature hike or take your kids for a walk around the neighbourhood.

This nature scavenger hunt with pictures contains a variety of nature-themed items to check off, including:

  • Plant life like grass, leaves and trees
  • Insects like worms, snails and ladybugs
  • Animals like birds and squirrels

…and many more items that can be found outside!

After you download the PDF to your computer, all you’ll need to do is print it on Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) paper—you can even laminate it to make it sturdier and reusable—and take it with you whenever you’re ready to do an outdoor scavenger hunt with your kids.

This activity is easy enough for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners, but it could also be fun for older kids, so feel free to print it out for your middle school- or high school-aged teen the next time you take them hiking or camping.

You don’t even need to go very far in order to make use of this printable—most (if not all) of the items on the list can be found on at the park, in the nearest community garden or in your own backyard!

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