39 Awesome Transportation Crafts for Preschoolers

If you’re looking to teach your preschooler about vehicles, this long list of transportation crafts is the perfect place to start! Whether your little one is interested in cars, boats, airplanes or rockets, you’re sure to find a fun idea that they will love!

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Does your little one love anything to do with cars? Or perhaps with boats, airplanes or rockets?

Whatever their current obsession, this long list of crafts is sure to help you find the perfect project to help teach them about various types of vehicles!

These 39 transportation crafts are great for preschoolers. And because many of them require only basic supplies, you’re sure to be crafting in no time!

So scroll down, pick a craft… and have fun teaching your preschooler! (Number 7 is our five-year-old’s favourite.)

1. Popsicle Stick Rocket

Have some popsicle sticks lying around? Turn them into a rocket ship! This simple craft is super cute, and you probably already have all the supplies you need to make it at home!

Read the full tutorial: Popsicle Stick Rocket

2. Fire Truck Handprint Art

Teaching your preschooler about vehicles or firefighters? This cute fire truck craft is a great way to get them excited while creating some lovely memories that you’ll be able to look back on once their hands aren’t quite so little anymore!

Read the full tutorial: Fire Truck Handprint Art

3. Clothespin Car

These DIY car toys are cute as a button… quite literally! But the best part is that after your kids are done crafting them, they’ll be able to make them race thanks to their fully functional wheels!

Read the full tutorial: Clothespin Car

4. Straw Rocket

This cool rocket ship craft includes a free printable template that kids can colour in with pencils or crayons for added fun! Your child should be able to assemble it in no time, and they’ll love playing with their new flying rocket toy!

Read the full tutorial: Straw Rocket (with Free Printable!)

5. “B” Is for “Bus” Craft

This cute bus craft is perfect for homeschooling parents’ letter of the week curriculum—or for any parent who wants to teach their child the alphabet while getting them excited for the first day of school!

Read the full tutorial: Letter B School Bus Craft

6. “C” is for “Car” Craft

…And once you move on to the letter C, why not stick with the transportation theme and make this cute little car craft?

Read the full tutorial: Letter “C” Car Craft

7. Popsicle Stick Tractor

This farm-themed craft requires only a few basic materials, and it’s simply adorable. It’s amazing how many things you can make using plain old popsicle sticks! (We made this one using rainbow colours!)

Read the full tutorial: Popsicle Stick Tractor

8. Shape Car

Why not incorporate some learning into your crafts? These cute little cars are made from basic shapes that are perfect for teaching your preschooler in a hands-on way!

Read the full tutorial: Shape Car

9. Shape Train

…And while you’re busy teaching your preschooler about shapes, why not use them to make a train as well?

Read the full tutorial: Shape Train

10. Paper Plate Shape Bus

This paper plate school bus is another great way to teach your preschooler about shapes while getting them excited for school!

Read the full tutorial: Paper Plate Shape Bus

11. Cardboard Tube Rocket

These cardboard tube rockets are so colourful and gorgeous! What a perfect project for summer break—and all you’ll need are a few basic supplies!

Read the full tutorial: Cardboard Tube Rocket

12. Paper Plate Boat

How gorgeous is this paper plate boat?! And as a bonus, it’s great for helping preschoolers practice their threading and fine motor skills! (It even comes with a free template that you can download and print at home!)

Read the full tutorial: Paper Plate Boat

13. Rocking Paper Plate Submarine

Not only is this submarine craft fun to make, it’s also fun to play with! Kids will love making this simple craft and seeing it rock to and fro!

Read the full tutorial: Paper Plate Submarine

14. Self-Propelled Margarine Tub Boat

This recycled boat craft is a great way to repurpose your empty margarine and yogurt tubs—and it also happens to be self-propelled! How cool!

Read the full tutorial: Margarine Tub Boat

15. Toilet Paper Roll Cars

These recycled cars are a great way to reuse empty toilet paper rolls, and they’re also perfect for play time once you’re done crafting them!

Read the full tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll Cars

16. Pixar-Themed Cars Craft

…And since you’ll be saving toilet paper rolls anyway, why not give these cute Cars a try—especially if your kids love the movie that inspired them!

Read the full tutorial: Cars Movie Craft

17. Cereal Box Airplane

There are so many things you can make using materials from your recycling bin—including these cool airplanes made from cereal box cardboard!

Read the full tutorial: Cereal Box Airplane

18. Toilet Paper Roll Airplane

Cereal boxes aren’t the only recycled material you can use to make an airplane—this biplane airplane is made using an empty toilet paper roll!

Read the full tutorial: Toilet Roll Biplane Airplane

19. Paper Submarine

This cute submarine template is perfect for when you need something that’s quick to set up! Simply download and print it at home and let your preschooler glue it together!

Read the full tutorial: Paper Submarine Template

20. Paper Construction Vehicles

These construction vehicle templates are also great for getting your little one’s imagination going! Print them at home and let your child colour the vehicles and create the muddy background!

Read the full tutorial: Paper Construction Vehicle Templates

21. Recycled Aluminium Rocket

Instead of tossing out your old toilet paper rolls, why not use them to make this cute recycled rocket craft covered in shiny aluminium foil?

Read the full tutorial: Recycled Aluminium Rocket

22. Avocado Boats

Making guacamole? After you’re done scooping out the flesh, save the skin from the avocados and turn it into cute little sailboats for your kids to play with!

Read the full tutorial: Avocado Boats

23. Soda Bottle Rocket

Turn your empty soda bottle into a sturdy homemade rocket that your kids will love playing with!

Read the full tutorial: Soda Bottle Rocket

24. Cardboard Tube Race Cars

These cute little race cars are another great way to use up the empty toilet paper rolls that have been piling up in your craft cupboard!

Full tutorial: Cardboard Tube Race Cars

25. Construction Paper School Bus

If you have some construction paper lying around, why not turn it into a cute little school bus that’s sure to get your preschooler excited to start school?

Read the full tutorial: Construction Paper School Bus

26. Paper Roll Rocket

These cute paper roll rockets look like they’re ready for blastoff—and all you’ll need to make them are a few simple materials!

Read the full tutorial: Paper Roll Rocket

27. Margarine Tub Boat

You probably already have all the materials you need to make this fun little boat at home with your kids!

Read the full tutorial: Margarine Tub Boat

28. Number Track Roads

These sturdy cardboard track roads are a great way to teach toddlers and preschoolers to recognize numbers while they play!

Read the full tutorial: Number Track Roads

29. Mark Making with Cars

Is this technically a transportation craft? It does make use of vehicles… so we’re going to count it! Find out how to use car toys to creating cool markings on paper!

Read the full tutorial: Mark Making with Cars

30. Painting with Vehicles

Use your child’s toy cars and trains to make some cool artwork using this fun process art technique that’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

Read the full tutorial: Painting with Vehicles

31. Egg Carton Rocket

If you love to make crafts from recycled materials, why not turn an empty egg carton into a colourful rocket that’s ready to lift off into outer space?

Read the full tutorial: Egg Carton Rocket

32. Toilet Paper Roll Boats

Use colourful duct tape to turn empty toilet paper rolls into sailboats that actually float on water!

Read the full tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll Boats

33. Homemade Flying Rockets

Did you know that you can use simple materials to create a homemade rocket that actually flies?! This project is perfect for kids who love to do science projects at home!

Read the full tutorial: Homemade Flying Rockets

34. Tissue Box School Box

How cute is this craft?! Get your preschooler excited to start school by decorating a tissue box to look like a school bus!

Read the full tutorial: School Bus Tissue Box

35. Paper Airplanes & Gliders

This classic project uses the very simplest of materials, but it’s still lots of fun for preschoolers who are learning to make crafts all by themselves!

Read the full tutorial: How to Make a Paper Airplane

36. Juice Box Boat

If your kids love juice boxes, why not save a few to make these cute little boats that actually float?

Read the full tutorial: Juice Box Boats

37. Popsicle Stick Boat

Do your kids love Disney’s Moana? Use popsicle sticks to build a wooden raft that looks just like the one in the movie!

Read the full tutorial: Popsicle Stick Raft

38. Clothespin Airplane

These colourful little airplanes made using clothespins and popsicle sticks are perfect for younger and older kids alike!

Read the full tutorial: Clothespin Airplanes

39. School Bus Suncatcher

This brightly coloured school bus suncatcher is perfect for getting kids excited for the start of the school year!

Read the full tutorial: School Bus Suncatcher

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