DIY Hair Detangling Spray for Kids (Tear-Free!)

Is store-bought hair detangler getting too expensive? Find out how to make homemade detangling spray at home using tear-free conditioner and water. Not only is DIY detangling spray much more cost-effective, but it takes only two ingredients and under five minutes to make—and you probably already have all the ingredients you need at home!

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Is your child’s hair constantly getting tangled?

If so, you’re not alone. As a mother of four young daughters with long, wavy hair, I absolutely know what you’re going through.

I’ve previously shared my best tips for managing kids’ tangled hair. These tips include brushing the tips before the roots, braiding your child’s hair at night to help prevent knots and regularly brushing with detangling spray. (Click the link above to view all eight tips.)

We used to buy pre-made detangling spray at the store, but unfortunately, the cost added up pretty quicky… until it occurred to me that homemade detangling spray couldn’t be that hard to make, and that we would probably save money by making it ourselves!

Untangle Your Child's Hair Easily with Hair Detangling Spray

So we started making DIY detangling spray for our kids using tear-free conditioner, and we’ve never looked back. As it turns out, not only is making your own DIY detangler spray extremely easy, but it costs way less than buying pre-made detangling spray from the store!

And because we used tear-free conditioning shampoo, this DIY detangling spray is even safe for toddlers and won’t burn their eyes if they happen to come into contact with the spray. That makes this recipe perfect for families with small children!

Why Should You Make Your Own Hair Detangler?

We have four daughters whose hair gets brushed daily using detangling spray—so as you can imagine, we go through a lot of it.

Thankfully, making our own detangler spray is way more cost-effective than buying it at the store. And because it’s made from the same conditioner we use to wash and detangle their hair during bath time, we always have the necessary ingredients on hand whenever we run out!

Bottle of tear-free 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo for kids

Homemade detangler is also quite easy to customize since you can use whatever type of conditioner you want.

We went with tear-free because we have two toddlers at home and we don’t want the spray to burn their eyes. But if, for example, you prefer to buy products made from all-natural ingredients, you can absolutely use all-natural conditioner instead!

You may have to experiment a bit with the quantities until you get it right. But by making your own, you’ll get all the benefits of using detangling spray… while also cutting costs and having greater control over the ingredients!

And as it happens, homemade detangler spray isn’t only for kids. I haven’t personally attempted this because my hair is so thick and curly that it can only be untangled in the shower, but I’ve heard of adults making their own detangling spray using their favourite brand of conditioner.

There are lots of reasons to love DIY detangling spray, so it’s definitely worth trying to see if you can make it work for your family!

How to Make Tear-Free Hair Detangling Spray

Required Ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own DIY hair detangler spray for kids:

Ingredients to Make Hair Detangling Spray

You’ll also need an empty spray bottle to mix and hold your homemade hair detangler.

Check what you have lying around before buying a bottle—I simply reused an empty bottle of store-bought detangling spray and peeled off the label. And if ever you don’t already have what you need, you should be able to find a spray bottle at your local dollar store.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Pour Conditioner into Bottle

Start by pouring a little bit of conditioning shampoo into the empty spray bottle. The bottle I used holds a little over a cup (8 oz) of liquid, so I used about 1 ½ tablespoons of conditioner.

Use Conditioner to Make Hair Detangling Spray

That being said, it’s not an exact science. Depending on the brand of conditioner you use and on the length, thickness and texture of your child’s hair, you may need to use more or less than I did.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different quantities until you find the ratio that works best for you!

2. Add Water

Once you’ve poured the conditioner into the bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with warm tap water. If you’re still experimenting with quantities, you might want to leave a little bit of room in the bottle in case you need to add more conditioner.

3. Shake Bottle

Put the cover back on the bottle and shake until the two ingredients are well combined.

Mix Conditioner and Water to Make Tear-Free Hair Detangling Spray

Once the conditioner has dissolved, your DIY detangling spray is ready to use! Whenever you brush your child’s dry hair, simply spray on a little bit first to help it untangle more easily. (Try using this brush to make things even easier.)

And since you used tear-free conditioning shampoo, if a tiny bit accidentally gets into their eyes as you spray, it won’t burn!

Note: If your child’s hair tangles easily, be sure to check out all our best tips on managing children’s tangled hair.

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