tangled hair

8 tips for managing your child's

use the right kind of brush

The type of brush you use can make all the difference when it comes to brushing your child's hair. Swipe up to visit the article and see our favourite!

start with the tips

Trying to untangle your child’s long hair starting with the roots is a losing battle. Start  with the tips to decrease the chance that the brush will get stuck!

braid your child's hair

Does it seem like your daughter’s hair always tangled? Tackle the problem head on by keeping her hair from tangling BEFORE the knots have the chance to form!

brush frequently

There’s no need to wait until bath time to remove knots from your child’s hair! The longer you wait before untangling it, the more knots will have the chance to form.

use conditioner on wet hair

Three-in-one baby body wash works well on short, fine hair, but if your child has a lot of hair, consider using two-in-one conditioning shampoo instead.

distract your child with toys

Children complain a lot less when they’re distracted and having fun! Try giving your child some bath toys to focus on while you untangle their hair.

You can also try one of these fun bath time activities:

(Click each link for full instructions)


If your child’s hair is long or thick, it probably forms knots very quickly. Using detangling spray on dry hair will make the brushing process way easier and less painful for your child!

Did you know you could make your own hair detangler? Click the link for full instructions!

untangle hair before baths

Instead of leaving all the untangling for bath time, try untangling your child's hair with spray detangler right BEFORE their bath—that way, most of the knots will already be gone!