for kids

water games


play sprinkler water games

Need to water your lawn? Kill two birds with one stone by using them to play sprinkler water games with your kids!

set up a pouring station

If you're looking for an activity that's low-prep and low-mess, you'll only need a few dollar store supplies to set up this easy DIY pouring station for your toddler!

have a spray bottle fight

No water guns? No problem! Just grab some spray bottles and start spritzing—the mist feels so refreshing on a hot day!

make nature soup

What child wouldn't love to use flowers, grass and twigs to make their very own nature-based "potion" to play with?

make a water balloon piñata

Nothing says summer like bursting a balloon filled with water—this fun water balloon game is the perfect way to cool off on hot summer days!

have a water balloon fight

Water balloon fights are a summer must, and there are actually lots of games you can play using water-filled balloons!

break out the splash pad

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard (and even if you do), a splash pad is the next best thing. Simply connect it to your water hose and your kids will have a blast splashing around!

Fill your water table

From pouring liquids to playing with toys to adding soap for some squeaky-clean fun, water tables offer so many different possibilities!

have a water gun fight

Water guns are a classic for a reason—what kid doesn’t love running around outside spraying everything with water in the summer heat?