fairy jars


Glow Stick

Looking for a fun fairy-themed DIY project to try with your kids? This awesome dollar store craft is so cool, and it can fit in the palm of your hand!



Grab a glow stick in any colour you like and crack it to activate the glow (some colours will glow brighter than others)



Cut the glow stick open using a pair of sharp scissors and carefully pour the glow stick liquid into a small glass bottle



Use the handle of a small spoon to pour some chunky iridescent glitter into the bottle containing the glow stick liquid



Seal the bottle with a cork and shake it in every direction until all the sides of the bottle are covered with glitter

Once all the sides of the bottle are covered with glitter and glow stick liquid, turn off the lights to see your fairy bottle glow!

Use an assortment of colours of glow sticks to create a FAIRY bottle


for your kids

Place one of these awesome fairy jars on a shelf in your child's bedroom to use it as a homemade

night light

…and because glow sticks don't glow forever, the light will slowly fade on its own as your child falls asleep!