Torn Paper Strip Hearts

Torn Paper Strip Valentine's Day Heart Craft

Looking for kid-made Valentine’s Day craft ideas? This framed heart craft made from strips of torn construction paper is deceptively simple to make—and it would also make a great gift to give to parents or grandparents!

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DIY Aquarium Rock Slime for Kids

DIY Aquarium Rock Slime

Looking for a fun new textural element to add to your homemade slime? This DIY aquarium rock slime recipe is a great way to shake things up! It’s super simple to make, and because it’s activated with contact lens solution rather than Liquid Starch, it’s also safer for your child’s skin. All you’ll need to make this slime is a few basic ingredients and 10 minutes of free time!

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Sour Watermelon-Cherry Gummies (Made with Real Fruit + Naturally Sweetened!)

Real Fruit Sour Watermelon-Cherry Gummy Recipe

These deliciously sour gummies are made with real fruit and naturally sweetened with honey. Homemade fruit gummies are both healthy and simple to make—they’re an easy guilt-free treat, and you can even swap out the fruit to customize them however you like! Use heart-shaped moulds for a fun Valentine’s Day treat or turn your excess watermelon into a tasty summer fruit snack!

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Easy DIY Scratch Art

Homemade Scratch Art Tutorial

Making your own DIY scratch art sheets at home couldn’t be easier—in fact, even preschoolers should be able to do most or all of this project themselves! And because homemade scratch art is way cheaper than the store-bought variety, you’ll never have to buy it again!

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DIY Santa’s Clothesline (with Free Printable!)

DIY Felt Santa's Clothing Christmas Garland

This DIY Santa’s clothesline made from red and white felt is both beautiful and simple to make! It doesn’t require any sewing and would look great as a homemade Christmas tree garland, or even as a DIY decoration for your mantle. And because we’ve included a free printable template, you don’t even have to worry about coming up with your own design!

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DIY Rustic Twine-Wrapped Ornaments

DIY Rustic Twine-Wrapped Christmas Ornaments

Have your old plastic baubles seen better days? Make them new again by transforming them into DIY twine-wrapped ornaments! These beautiful rustic ornaments would look gorgeous hanging on any Christmas tree—and all that’s required to make them is a few simple supplies and a little bit of your time!

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Easy Alcohol Ink Ornaments

DIY Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments

These DIY watercolour-effect alcohol ink ornaments are so easy to make, and they’ll look gorgeous on your Christmas tree! And if you’ve never worked with alcohol ink before, don’t worry—I’ve included a bunch of helpful tips to get you started!

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DIY Ribbed Glitter Ornaments

DIY Ribbed Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Making a trip to the dollar store? All you’ll need to make these cute last-minute Christmas decorations is plastic ornaments, Mod Podge and glitter! These easy DIY ornaments may look fancy, but they’re actually super simple to make at home—and they’ll look beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree!

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Easy DIY Feather Ornaments (2 Ways!)

Easy Feather Christmas Ornaments

Do you love to decorate your tree with DIY Christmas ornaments? This project is so pretty, yet it’s easy enough for young kids to make! Keep things simple with colourful feathers—or, if you want more of a challenge, use metallic paint and glitter to create lovely white and gold feather ornaments that you’ll love to reuse year after year!

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DIY Felt Board for Kids

How to Make a DIY Felt Board at Home

Felt boards are an excellent tool to promote children’s storytelling, creativity and hands-on learning—and making your own at home couldn’t be easier! All you’ll need to make your own DIY felt board is a frame, some felt, some glue… and about 10 minutes of free time!

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